been to this thing?

yeah, i went to muzium shah alam yesterday for this. apparently i’m in charge of organizing a field trip for my ‘mentor-mentee’ group. bringing them there and showing off shah alam a little bit. i don’t know if rm5 (for the ticket) is worth it, since some of them said it’s a little too pricy for the event. yeah, maybe a little. plus, there is this very long queue and waiting, just to get inside.

anywhoo, it was okay. got a glimpse of ‘something’ there. except for the dumbass overzealous group of people behind me. what’s the effin’ idea of walking too close behind me, like glued behind me or something. very annoying. feels like want to punch somebody. duhh…some people don’t know how to relax.

One thought on “mystery

  1. yahh. people behind, they like to push other people in front of em. grr.

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