updating the yahoo…again

in less than a month, i updated my yahoo messenger program again. yeah, i want try to be up to date. apparently yahoo has release a full new version of their messaging client, that is, version 8. i thought it is still in beta. i see nothing new there except they put some bridging system that enables yahoo users to chat with msn users. that’s cool btw. oh, and they stuff in some plug-ins features that gives us options to add functions or something, whatever.

of course, with the new messenger, there’s always the annoying advertisement banner. and yes, kind people out there is always helpful in giving us the way to remove that thing. head over here for the removal steps or just download this registry edit file and execute that file (no worries lah, the file won’t messed up your computer registry). after that, delete a file called ‘urls.xml’ in the ym’s ‘cache’ folder. be careful and enjoy.

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