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captcha and spam

huh, spam (not the meat). who loves them? i know i wont. but it has and always will be part of our lives. there is a prevention but most of them is not good enough. anywhoo, the possible spam entry from here is through the entry comment page and contact form. it really sucks having to delete thousands of rubbish comments, etc. i didn’t enable trackback function. i mean, do i need it?

for the entry comment, i didn’t really worried since i already installed akismet spam filter. it’s doing the job very well and already catch about 3 thousand something comment spam. as for the contact form, i encountered some problem lately. yeah, you guess it right. spam. before this, i didn’t have any problem with the contact form. i’m using the javascript encoding something at the form. that did’t help.

off i go, searching the net for something new and improved. i stumbled upon this tutorial on how to create captcha phrases using php & gd. i’m hooked instantly. after studying it, i implement the function on my contact form. now well see if there’s any spam that can get though.

oh btw:
» try the captcha function here.
» the source code for the captcha function.
» the php coding for the example form.


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