drive shaft

my car is making some weird noises past a couple of weeks. well, not weeks. months maybe. with the specific noises and vibration, i came to conclusion that is because of the drive shaft. yeah, take that for driving too fast and corner like a jackass. i already think of fixing it a.s.a.p but my schedule is too packed with programs. i didn’t have time to fix it. and of course, with the no budget thing and all.

i finally get some free time since i already finished my php programming project and some other projects (that explains the lack of updates…huhu). without waiting, i went to find a workshop that can give me a good price. before this, a friend of mine told me he can rebuild the whole drive shaft thing for about rm80 or so. i’m interested of course, because of the cheap price (yeah, i am cheap). but the problem is i have to take the thing out and gave it to him.

don’t like the idea. too susah. so, i went to this workshop at bandar ampang. good friendly guy. good discount. eventhough i had to wait 2 hours for the fixing to finished, it was worth it. now the car didn’t make any noises anymore. hooray!

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