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holiday in tioman

watsup. sorry for the lack of update.

yeah i know. somebody told me “what’s the purpose of having a blog if not updating them?”. well, first off, it’s mine so i can do whatever i want with it. stop complaining ok? and stop cursing. i’m tired of having to reply nasty e-mail. actually, i’m not abandoning them. i’m just preoccupied a bit. lol.

anywhoo, i just got back from my vacation at tioman island. ahh…it’s very fun, entertaining, etc. well uh, you all know the deal. i never been to tioman. so, when i got the chances, i’ll make sure the goal is acheived. everybody got their share of making the trip a success. my job is like the minister of transportation. meaning, i handle the transport to and back. duhh…

i’ve been to an island before (i.e: langkawi). i know what to expect. the beaches, the scenery, the weather, the people, the food, etc. basicly, it’s just the same activity but in different place. but at tioman, i got to add one more which is snorkelling. that really excites me. f-u-n of course. i got to see/feed/touch the fishes and see the coral which is beautiful. if i have an underwater camera, it would be awesome.

people are friendly. they seems accessible. which is ok. next time, maybe i’ll try diving. and also next time i’ll buy those underwater camera. one thing that i can’t forget is that we nearly drifted into the middle of the ocean because of the high current. swimming to the shore didn’t do jack. lucky the boat was nearby. we weren’t drowning because of the life jacket. hence the name ‘life jacket’. lol.

definately a valueable moments. pictures? sure, i took loads of them.

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