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Podcast (160307)

in an effort to look cool, i have started to join in the podcast mania. entahle. maybe it will be fun eventually? let’s see if i will continue this thing. anyway, i’m using 32kbps with 22khz. anybody here know how to lower the file size (or change the kbps/khz) without sacrificing the quality (sacrifice a bit is okay, i don’t mind) or make my voice sound like a chipmunk? the recording software i use for this is audacity.


  1. Azfar
    Azfar 16.3.2007

    omg, suara tak seksi. sakit tekak. he he he…

  2. coco
    coco 16.3.2007

    sakit tekak ler sore seksi..serak2 basah gitu :P hehehe

    camner u embed sound pakai player mcm tu ek?

  3. flisterz
    flisterz 17.3.2007

    wah dah maju dah gune podcast pulak. :)
    suare sexy dowh. :lol:

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