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i love free things. heck, in fact, everybody love free things. that’s why when the smart tunnel opened for free, i definately want to try it. the tunnel is quite long (5km maybe?). and easy too. if i am from sungai besi and want to go to sungai wang, take the tunnel and i will exit near the times square. no need to go through the town anymore. heh.

i wonder how much samy will put for the toll charge. i think around rm2.50 or so.


  1. patru
    patru 20.5.2007

    the road surface is terrible. my car with super stiff suspension (racerboy wanabe) almost torn apart, along with my boobs shaked tremendously hard :o

  2. iced nyior
    iced nyior 20.5.2007

    pls dont use ur handphone (or camera phone) while driving :P

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