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aler, terbeli aje

there was a fukken awesome thunderstorm last week. first, i hear some popping sound and then the power trip off. lucky we have change the ancient fuse board (and i mean ancient like 30 years ago) to a new power board with some leet technology or something will fry i tell you. after turning it on, all was okay except my 4 year old voltage regulator or AVR. well, huh, maybe it’s time for it to dead. it already serve me well.

was thinking of gettign a new and better one but not in an instant. well, i have to arrange my financial first beforehand. but…maybe i don’t like to wait. i walked and walked and suddenly arrieved at low yat plaza and didn’t notice that i have started paying for a brand new KOSS AVR, a new Sandisk CF memory card for my camera and some computer stuff. well, i guess this might be handy when i do my income tax later.

went home with this anticipation of setting up the new voltage regulator. taking out the old one and plug in the new one. all runs well. suddenly, i feel like want to check the old AVR before throwing it out. belek and belek, i try to change the plug fuse with a new one. well yeah, guess what, it works. fuck. yeah. fuck.

i dunno what to say. maybe the only thing i can say is that, i now have two AVR. i LOL’ed at myself. yer fukken impulse buyer. napsu setan…ahaks. lucky i didn’t throw the old one away though.

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