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Month: April 2009


the problem with owning something is to let it go. siapa yang nak lepaskan sesuatu yang dah ada dalam hidup diorang setelah beberapa tahun. mungkin itulah yang menyebabkan timbulnya masalah. for those who own something for many years, it would be hard to throw away the thing eventhough it has broken, being replaced with something new, etc.

as for human relations, example someone close, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, etc. it also difficult yo let the feeling go. probably to the extent of killing themselves. it is a serious problem since it could affect someones lives. i dunno. probably it’s all in the mind.

by writing this, i also think that i need to gain the courage and sense of mind to let it go. for the sake of my sanity.

brb a couple of days. da.

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