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ATM rage


Today is not that a good day for me. It was ok, but I’m not in the mood. Well, monday blues LOL what to do. It used to be a favorite day but now, mehh…not so much. But still, life goes on. We have to do what we got to do.

Woke up, punch in at the office and went out for breakfast before heading to clients office. I actually prefer to hang around at office on monday but well, duty calls. I hope the damn company find me a new assistant fast.

During all this thing that I do today, I stop by Maybank KLCC to reload my Touch & Go. The line is not that long and I thought it’ll not take too much time. Underestimate the Murphy Law you shall not young padawan.

Just two problems there.

The female in front take too much time to withdraw money. I mean, what the fuck man? Insert card, push here and there, done. It’s your money and you should know the balance.

When it comes to my turn, the guy behind me stand too close for comfort. What’s this dude problem? So I turn back and shout some insults. Reload my Touch & Go, and shout insult some more. The proof? Go find Maybank KLCC CCTV LOL. Well sorry dude, don’t invade other people private space next time.

That’s all for my monday rants. Later.

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