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It was late at night and I am hungry. Bored with mamak and I was lurking for a burger that time, so, i choose to eat at McDonald’s.

Only two counter open and the line was quit long. The hell, still got people not sleeping? A couples of minutes later, I got my order.

While eating, I look around. From my observation, I can say that Malaysians are fucking filthy. Yeah yeah sure, we already pay the tax and all, but that doesn’t give you the right to eat like an asshole. Chili sauce all over the table, spilled drinks, etc. etc.

We should be taught on how to be a civilized people. I remember when I was at the UK. After eating, they will put all the leftovers and trash in the tray and throw it into the dustbin. I mean, how hard is it? The tray doesn’t event weigh 10 kilo. You don’t have to wipe the table by the way.

I wonder what these people home/dining table looks like after a meal…

OK. Later.

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