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Food of channel


What TV channel do you guise like?

Doesn’t matter if it’s local, astro or the fucking parabola dish, the one which excites most of the guys is the one with nudity, partial nudity, near nudity, explosions, gunfights, fistfights, dirty jokes and then some. Guys will be guys, amiright?

I myself, of course like those kind of things on my channel especially the one that packed with action. It sorta like pumping the adrenaline and making me dream of being an action hero before going to sleep.

Anyways, besides these channel, sometimes I like to watch those cooking shows. Usually the ones at AFC. Naked chef, License to grill. These are the feels good man show. I watch this kind of show for the recipe. Sometimes when bored, I’d fill my time with cooking. Just for the luls.

Speaking of AFC, I notice they have this new show called ‘French food at home with Laura Calder’. It looks like a good show, teaching you on how to prepare a French meal. French food is quite good and I don’t mind having some. I’d definitely watch it. For the food, for the recipe and of course…

for the boobs/cleavage/downblouse. sexy, sexy.


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