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Walking through


This year Ramadhan is nearing its end. Dunno if I’m lucky enough to meet it next year. It’s been a fun and insightful month.

Anyways…it also means glorious buffet. Well, not all glorious tho’. There’s some that are expensive and sucks. But of course, there are a difference between a cheap buffet and expensive buffet.

There’s one I went at a hotel in the middle of KL. The food is quite good, many selection and not overcrowded. The people there also ethical and got manners. Comparing that to the one I went at a hotel at Ampang, damn man. Crowded, full of kids running, no queuing, too noisy. Hurrr.

But then again, yeah, I should expect that tho’ with the price I pay.

There’s one thing I notice when i went to these buffet. The number of obese Malaysians are increasing day by day. I want to walk between the tables to the food section but most of the way is blocked by people and their chairs. They cannot pull the chair closer to the table because of, well, being fat.

These kind of people should just sit on the floor.

Later got high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, blame other people.

Ok. Later.

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  1. wani ezryl *
    wani ezryl * 18.9.2009

    itu kerana gaya pemakanan yg xsihat.
    atau mungkin sebab malaysia ni dirahmati dgn byk makanan. hee

    happy aidilfitri, azfar!!
    maaf zahir batin.

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