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Year: 2009

Breaking up


Ever have a friend that you actually don’t want to be friends with, but have to? Maybe because of pity, related to family or forced?

I have that one. He constantly call me. Maybe twice a week, asking to go hangout or something. We have nothing in common. When we hang out, it’s always dead silence. Only a bit of conversation like, “How are you”, “How’s work”. So, everytime he call and want to hang out, I have to keep making excuses until I ran out of it.

How do you break up with a guy? You just meet up and say, “Dude, I think we should stop hanging out. It’s not you, it’s me.”?

That’s weird. Well, I dunno LOL. We’ll see.



Money whore


Ever go dine with a woman? Not your girlfriend. Just friend. Colleague. Office mate. Friend of a friend. Whatever. Used to when still schooling. Now, on working days, usually I went in group that more than 2 people.

So it happens one day that one female colleague ask me to accompany her for lunch. Hey, sure, I like lunch and I like to eat. She want to eat pasta. So, ok. Off we go to lunch.

Bla bla bla…eating and talking, when it comes to the paying the bill part, she ask me to pay for her meal. Now now, what the fuck is this? I didn’t agree to this. If I know I was gonna have to pay for some random bitch for a lunch, I better off to see prostitute or alternatively, dine alone.

Some poking, here and there, bla bla bla, pinjam dulu, etc. I pay for the food. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stingy. I’d buy you lunch. I don’t mind the price. But, I should consent/agree to it first before going to dine. I don’t like surprises and certainly I don’t like bitches who take advantage of people. If you want me to buy your lunch, ask me first. Damnit, I should leave her there alone.

When buying someone a meal, it should come from the heart. If you don’t feel like it, it cannot be forced. it’s like taking one in the arse or buttsex for short.

So, remember. You want people to pay for your meal, ask first. Or at least give something back like a quickie or blow job.


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ATM rage


Today is not that a good day for me. It was ok, but I’m not in the mood. Well, monday blues LOL what to do. It used to be a favorite day but now, mehh…not so much. But still, life goes on. We have to do what we got to do.

Woke up, punch in at the office and went out for breakfast before heading to clients office. I actually prefer to hang around at office on monday but well, duty calls. I hope the damn company find me a new assistant fast.

During all this thing that I do today, I stop by Maybank KLCC to reload my Touch & Go. The line is not that long and I thought it’ll not take too much time. Underestimate the Murphy Law you shall not young padawan.

Just two problems there.

The female in front take too much time to withdraw money. I mean, what the fuck man? Insert card, push here and there, done. It’s your money and you should know the balance.

When it comes to my turn, the guy behind me stand too close for comfort. What’s this dude problem? So I turn back and shout some insults. Reload my Touch & Go, and shout insult some more. The proof? Go find Maybank KLCC CCTV LOL. Well sorry dude, don’t invade other people private space next time.

That’s all for my monday rants. Later.

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Why I like taking the LRT

‘Sup? Here’s something that I like to share with all of youse.

I drive a car to work. Easier and sometimes convenient. The only problem with driving is finding a parking spot and traffic jam. Mah fukken place don’t have an allocation yet for monthly pass. Full house. I have to wait until somebody die first.

So, another alternative is taking the LRT. I don’t like it at first. Over crowded, people touching me, big disease carrying box, queing up, etc. But then, I slowly like it and apparently adapt to it. Why? The main reason is that I get to exercise. I mean, who have time to exercise now? Before this, I can only do it on weekends but now, everyday yo!

1. The leg
Walking from the LRT car park to the station. Wait for the LRT to come. Walk from LRT to my destination. Heck. That’s a lot of walking and the use of legs.

2. The hands
Holding the handle or anything that you can grab in the LRT. Swiping the card. Woahh, it’s gonna buff up my arms man.

3. Body
A lot of walking surely can burn some fat. Good for health. Who knows it’ll give you a six pack too?

4. Eyes
Moving eyes up and down, left and right. Looking at what? Downblouse cleavage or upskirts of course. LOL.

That’s all for now

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add on

i’m kinda busy right now. just a quick update. well, uh, to tell i’m still here maintaining this blog. lol.

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the problem with owning something is to let it go. siapa yang nak lepaskan sesuatu yang dah ada dalam hidup diorang setelah beberapa tahun. mungkin itulah yang menyebabkan timbulnya masalah. for those who own something for many years, it would be hard to throw away the thing eventhough it has broken, being replaced with something new, etc.

as for human relations, example someone close, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, etc. it also difficult yo let the feeling go. probably to the extent of killing themselves. it is a serious problem since it could affect someones lives. i dunno. probably it’s all in the mind.

by writing this, i also think that i need to gain the courage and sense of mind to let it go. for the sake of my sanity.

brb a couple of days. da.

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aler, terbeli aje

there was a fukken awesome thunderstorm last week. first, i hear some popping sound and then the power trip off. lucky we have change the ancient fuse board (and i mean ancient like 30 years ago) to a new power board with some leet technology or something will fry i tell you. after turning it on, all was okay except my 4 year old voltage regulator or AVR. well, huh, maybe it’s time for it to dead. it already serve me well.

was thinking of gettign a new and better one but not in an instant. well, i have to arrange my financial first beforehand. but…maybe i don’t like to wait. i walked and walked and suddenly arrieved at low yat plaza and didn’t notice that i have started paying for a brand new KOSS AVR, a new Sandisk CF memory card for my camera and some computer stuff. well, i guess this might be handy when i do my income tax later.

went home with this anticipation of setting up the new voltage regulator. taking out the old one and plug in the new one. all runs well. suddenly, i feel like want to check the old AVR before throwing it out. belek and belek, i try to change the plug fuse with a new one. well yeah, guess what, it works. fuck. yeah. fuck.

i dunno what to say. maybe the only thing i can say is that, i now have two AVR. i LOL’ed at myself. yer fukken impulse buyer. napsu setan…ahaks. lucky i didn’t throw the old one away though.

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