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Month: December 2010

Cerita hari jumaat

Salam akhir tahun.

Aku tengok sekarang, purata umur anak-anak muda yang berkahwin makin turun. Zaman dulu-dulu orang suka kawin muda. Lepas tu suka kawin lambat. Sekarang suka kawin muda balik. Ada yang umur 20-21 tahun dah mendirikan rumah tangga. Bagus lah kalau begitu. Rasa-rasa dah mampu, kawin sajalah. Mampu tu ikut la, duit sendiri ke, duit mak bapak ke. Tapi kalau duit mak bapak, kasi ganti balik la wei. Anyways, bagus la daripada buat dosa siang dan malam. Meraba sana sini, zina situ sinun. Tak gitu kan?

Tapi, kadang-kadang sedih juga aku tengok. Adalah beberapa member aku yang kahwin ‘shotgun’. Sebab apa kawin? Sebab dah termengandungkan anak orang. Seronok punya main cucuk-cucuk, akhirnya terpancut dalam. Bila dapat tahu mengandung, terus rush nak kahwin. Iyelah, lagi lambat tangguh, makin besar perut nanti. Kantoi pulak. Siapa yang susah? Mereka dan keluarga mereka. Haihh…Bila dah jadi macam ni, nak salahkan siapa beb? Mak bapak, masyarakat atau diri sendiri? Lol entahlah.

Kalau ikut hukum agama, agak sukar jugak kes ni. Sah atau tidak perkahwinan tu? Ada ayat mengatakan yang, tempoh iddah perempuan mengandung ialah selepas dia melahirkan anak. Lepas beranak, baru boleh kahwin. Kalau ikut Mazhab Syafie pulak, sah pernikahan tu, tapi salah satu syarat dia ialah pasangan yang berzina tu bertaubat. Korang dah bertaubat ke belum?

Oleh itu, anak-anak muda sekarang, jauhilah zina. Hedonisme duniawi tak kemana punya. Ataupun pakai lah kondom. Ha ha ha.

Btw, ni sumber dari Ustaz Zaharuddin.




Hurrr, finally submitted my application for the marriage card. Lol. The certificate copy I’ve put in my wallet seems to taking up the space. Since it is the year end and also I finished all the audit and report for my year works, I don’t have much to do at the office. So, I went to Shah Alam to do the marriage card. Federal highway still sucks though.

Maybank just wasted my time again. Yesterday I was with the wife shopping at Kajang town. We stopped by a ATM machine. After inserting the card, the machine suddenly rebooted. Of course after this happened, my card is stucked inside. To request for my card back, I have to wait around 3 days or so. Fuck this shit. Waste my time only. I went to KLCC and pay RM12 for a new card. By right, I should charge this on the idiot who set up the ATM machine and maybank.

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Shuffle tu apa?

Amacam melayu kita sekarang? Keh keh keh. Macam komen dalam tu kata, “Biar mati adat, jangan mati anak”

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It’s the weekend

usually on weekend i like to stay at my house. relax, watch tv and sleep all day. come to think of it, it’s all i do on the weekend. but hey, sometimes i tidy the house a bit, vacuum here and there ok. but this weekend i went back to my parents house. they need me to follow them to their farm to do some land evaluation. they want to make a chicken farm there.

the wife did asks me to go to her parents house because got her niece burthday. but with my reasons above, i managed to skip it. ha! lucky me lol. not that i don’t want to go, but…sometimes i don’t really feel like hanging out with her sister family. i dunno why.

anyways, on the way to and from the farm, we need to travel using the north south highway. the place quite far. well, one thing i notice is that, people do like to litter. use big car and all, then suddenly roll window down and throw rubbish. whats with the mentality man.

ok, got to go. mom making a char kuay teow for dinner.

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Wrong button


i got some free time, so i test out some twitter desktop application. not many that is good our there and also most of them requires adobe air. as you know, adobe air is a shitty application. broken, memory leak and uses too much processor.

but then, what to do. programmer uses it for their so-called ‘rich’ web application. personally i prefer silverlight and .net. it’s better since i uses that for my applications.

anyways, i settled for tweetdeck. mixero is okay too but it didn’t have multiple social network login. they concentrated on twitter only. probably in future. with tweetdeck, i can do multiple twitter account login, other social media login like facebook and foursquare. easy and nice to the eye.

just renewed the road tax. fucking RM1600. and also i wrongly push the touch n go reload button at maybank for RM250. haihhh…





How long have it been? 4 months. I bought this space for nothing. Hahaha. I miss writing. Really. Was thinking of coming back. That’s why I revamped the site a bit. So it’ll look different. LOL.

Where have I been you say? Well, most of my time has been used for my new family, my work and other stuff. I’ll write about the new family and work later.

The other stuff is, I have been hanging out at other social media site. Generally the facebook and twitter. Having my blackberry also reduced the chances of me writing on this blog. Malas you know, have to login to my laptop, then to the website, etc. etc.

Maybe i’ll write some shit application to update my blog from my blackberry. That’ll be nice. If I have the time and not malas to write the application though.

Anyways, I removed the shoutbox on the left. Because it is shit and I don’t want to update the plugin anymore. Shoutbox on web is sucks anyways. Just use the contact section for feedback or follow me on my social network sites.

Later, got to sleep.

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