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How long have it been? 4 months. I bought this space for nothing. Hahaha. I miss writing. Really. Was thinking of coming back. That’s why I revamped the site a bit. So it’ll look different. LOL.

Where have I been you say? Well, most of my time has been used for my new family, my work and other stuff. I’ll write about the new family and work later.

The other stuff is, I have been hanging out at other social media site. Generally the facebook and twitter. Having my blackberry also reduced the chances of me writing on this blog. Malas you know, have to login to my laptop, then to the website, etc. etc.

Maybe i’ll write some shit application to update my blog from my blackberry. That’ll be nice. If I have the time and not malas to write the application though.

Anyways, I removed the shoutbox on the left. Because it is shit and I don’t want to update the plugin anymore. Shoutbox on web is sucks anyways. Just use the contact section for feedback or follow me on my social network sites.

Later, got to sleep.

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  1. sankai
    sankai 15.12.2010

    oo ankel..we miss you.!!!.ada link-link baik.?? update la…kkwkekwekwk

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