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Wrong button


i got some free time, so i test out some twitter desktop application. not many that is good our there and also most of them requires adobe air. as you know, adobe air is a shitty application. broken, memory leak and uses too much processor.

but then, what to do. programmer uses it for their so-called ‘rich’ web application. personally i prefer silverlight and .net. it’s better since i uses that for my applications.

anyways, i settled for tweetdeck. mixero is okay too but it didn’t have multiple social network login. they concentrated on twitter only. probably in future. with tweetdeck, i can do multiple twitter account login, other social media login like facebook and foursquare. easy and nice to the eye.

just renewed the road tax. fucking RM1600. and also i wrongly push the touch n go reload button at maybank for RM250. haihhh…



  1. signither
    signither 15.12.2010

    have you tried seesmic desktop 2? i’m kinda in love with them now :luv:

  2. nicknuck
    nicknuck 15.12.2010

    fukken rm 1600 ! ;;) ;;)

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