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Streamyx IPv6 and TP-Link TD-W8901N


router and modem for streamyx at one of my site is down because of lightning strike. bloody take out my graphic card too (i dunno lol why). my setup is protected by cal-lab sf9512-dsl lightning arrestor but the rj11 port is busted because of lightning strike before and i forgot to claim the lifetime warranty from cal-lab bandar utama (just pay RM25 + GST) to get a new one. cool, right? so, i just bypass for a while and end up with a fried electronics.

i look around at online mall and found a second hand modem/router AIO. dude offer me RM30, so i just take it. it’s tp-link td-w8901n (with ipv6 support). pics as below

then, i went to cal-lab bandar utama and change my sf9512-dsl to a refurbished unit.

setting up streamyx connection is not that hard. provided we have all the information beforehand. since i already forgot most of the settings and i heard streamyx now support ipv6, i tried google around for some tutorial. very few info and none of them have settings for ipv6.

so, if any of you use tp-link with streamyx, click continue reading for some info on how to set up your streamyx.

login first using browser. usually it’s

enter the username & password. default is admin/admin

check out your firmware version. (maintenance > firmware). if it’s outdated, download and install a new one (firmware site:

it’s time to set up your streamyx (interface setup > internet). follow all steps above except for streamyx username and password. save after that.

your lan settings (interface setup > lan). you can put any value you want for the ip address and dhcp pool. i don’t care.

don’t know how to set up wireless? (interface setup > wireless) follow the steps above. put whatever you want for ssid and passkey.

restart your router. you will get the streamyx ipv4 and ipv6 address allocation.

that is all.

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