Why Blog?
When I first started in this web design business, my personal home page was fill with loads of crap like javascript, java applet, animation, graphics, etc. You name it, I got it. Everyone who visited my website was like “wow” this site is great. I got many kudos in the guestbook. But then, it was on the year 1996-97 where the internet is not popular yet. If now, I put all that stuff in my website, i’m sure there will be no visitor. Most people like to read on the web and they prefer faster loading time and less crap like over animation and other stuff.

So, one day when i was surfing for porn at my office pc (I was working part time at USM, designing program for their machine/robotic stuff), I accidently bumped into this ok-lah website. It was designed based on blog/journal. The design was simple. I instantly love it. So I started to design one website based on blog. My webhosting currently don’t support php so I had to design one script based on cgi/perl and it works like a charm. Then tadaa…my first blog website was officially launched. I started to write everyday on the blog (most of the archives from my first blog can be found on the archives page). Then, I wanted to step further into web design world and learn php/mysql all by myself with the help of tutorial on websites and friends. After a while, my second version of blog launched on my another webserver. My second version has a personal weblog system that enables me to write a blog without having to upload it everytime I want to update.

Being on a free or loaned webhosting sucks. There are many things and function that I can’t use. I am educated more on php and mysql and these free webhosting didn’t support any of these. So, I decided to buy a domain name and a webhosting. After pestering my dad into supporting me monetarily, he finally gave me some money to buy a webhosting. Choosing a domain name was not that difficult either. My first choice, of course, my name: azfar.com or azfar.org. Then I felt like, it was lame to buy a domain name based on our name. Err, then I choose lipas.org, but it was taken. So, I choose mylipas.org. Why lipas? I also don’t know why. But I won’t sleeping with them, touch them or have them as a pet anytime soon. Eww…gross. I also getting good at designing blog system. But my graphic was still crap though. Although people will see the layout/graphic first before reading, for me, the content that matters.

When I started to blog, I post in Bahasa Melayu. Being the national language and of course, I suck at english. Then, I slowly write in English although my grammar is not right plus I use english rojak (mixture of malay & english). Sometimes, I write in Bahasa Melayu. But now, mostly I write in English and I don’t care if it is broken. Someday i’ll be good at it…hehe…

Thank You
Well huh. I can’t be ignorant and forget people who help me achieve this. So, here goes. Thank you to my parents, family and friends for the support (especially dad who bought stuff for me). My good friend. The teachers, especially the ones who taught me english. My IT posse (Mr. Redzuan & The Kelab Malam Gang) and those who helped me direct or indirectly. Love and honor.

Do you know that, once this ‘About Me’ section has been copied 100% by someone. I found it by accident. Unlucky him. Maybe he got zero ideas.






(last edited on November 11, 2021)