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little johnny

this story is kinda nsfw. so, before you read, make sure you are not sensitive, can accept a sense of humor and of course, open minded. ahh, what the heck, you all love sex stories anyways. just read it.

One day, little Johnny asked his mom what sex was.

“Tonight, go into your sister’s room, hide behind the curtain, and watch what she and her boyfriend do.”

The following morning, Johnny’s mom asked what happened.

Little Johnny explained, “Well at first, they were just kinda talking and laughing, but after a while they started kissing and hugging, sister got a fever, cuz she said she was feeling hot.

So sister’s boyfriend put his hand under her shirt to find her heart, just like the doctor would.

Except he’s not so smart because both of them got sick and they started panting and getting all out of breath.

His other hand must have been cold because he put it under her skirt.

About this time sis got worse and began to moan and sigh, and squirm around and slide to the end of her bed. Then i finally found out what was making them sick – a big eel had gotten inside her boyfriend’s pants somehow.



suatu hari, di dalam suratkhabar utusan malaysia…

Kecewa khidmat Internet Streamyx

Saudara Pengarang,

SAYA baru sahaja menggunakan perkhidmatan Internet Streamyx selama seminggu dan saya dapati kelajuan streamyx ini sangatlah perlahan iaitu kelajuan 10.0 Mbps sedangkan saya menggunakan pakej RM99 sebulan yang sepatutnya boleh mencapai kelajuan sebanyak 1 GATE.

Memanglah untuk mencapai kelajuan sebanyak 1 GATE adalah susah, sekurang-kurangnya kelajuan 500.0 Mbps dapat dicapai.

Tetapi kelajuan yang saya dapat hanyalah kelajuan 10.0 Mpbs sedangkan komputer saya menggunakan dua prosesor Xeon yang sangat laju dan memorinya sebanyak 2 GATE.

Jadi saya pun menghubungi Streamyx untuk memberitahu masalah yang saya hadapi.

Respons yang diberikan amatlah mengecewakan. Mereka menyuruh saya menunggu sebentar sambil menghidangkan muzik yang entah apa-apa.

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aku pun nak tumpang sekaki post benda ni. kejam sangat kah sistem perundangan negara kita ni?

KANGAR, 10 Mei (Bernama) — Ahmad Hafizal Ahmad Fauzi, 18, Selasa menjadi remaja pertama di negara ini dijatuhi hukuman oleh mahkamah kerana gagal menghadiri Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN).

Remaja yang tinggal di Kampung Titi Serong, Jalan Kuala Perlis itu dijatuhi hukuman denda RM600 atau 14 hari penjara oleh Mahkamah Majistret Kangar dan disebabkan kesempitan hidup, dia memilih untuk dipenjarakan.

Ahmad Hafizal, seorang buruh, dituduh gagal melaporkan diri pada latihan PLKN di Dusun Resort, Kuala Nerang, Kedah pada 25 Julai tahun lalu tanpa sebarang penangguhan atau pengecualian yang dibenarkan.

Dia dituduh mengikut Seksyen 18(1) Akta Khidmat Negara 2003 yang jika sabit kesalahan boleh dihukum denda sehingga RM3,000 atau penjara selama enam bulan atau kedua-duanya sekali.



ssup! i don’t feel good today. rasa macam nak demam. last night, i went to saujana impian with mel, on a scooter with the pouring rain. the rain g-force felt nice on my face. it is so cold i fear i might get a hypothermia. plus, in today’s class i had to deal with a load of annoying teens. nak sepak kang, anak orang. but hey, forget about it and see this.

» destroy your friends website.

» top 100 april fool’s day hoax.

» don’t pee standing up.

» damn.

» high car.

» how i gonna see this through radio? (nsfw you dirty pervert).

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not occupied

hi all. i’m not busy right now. that means i have extra time. anywhoo, i got up early this morning for my class. thinking i’m already late, i drove like a fucking maniac on the highway to ensure i arrived on time and yeah, safely (why on time? my lecturer a bit nuts, don’t ask). upon arrival, i was told that my class was cancelled…and i knew the news after i pay for the parking ticket. damn it. i could use the time to sleep the whole day and the money to buy food or whatever.

since i was there, i want to do something. i went to the indonesian embassy to accompany my friend renew his drivers licence. nice place but sadly i didn’t bring my camera. then i went to pasar seni to get my sabah vacation photos processed. i want to print the digital photos too but they charge 60sen a picture (whaaat?). maybe at other shop though. after finished with that, i registered for the tm net hotspot account. rm10 per month maybe a good deal since i already have the main account and get this, someone paying the bills for me (no, not a sugar mummy). if you see me somewhere in the public, playing with internet, come and say hi.

okay, i’m hungry. later ya’ll…

…oh and somebody please date this boy,

make me a coffee,

buy me these

or see our country rank.


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a 8.7 magnitude deep sea earthquake hit northern sumatra, indonesia at 11:09pm local time. analysis said that this earthquake can’t produce a tsunami.


» usgs website.

» news [via cnn]

» news [via reuters]

» news [via bernama]

» …and of course, the ever popular wikipedia.