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Category: Fun

The fun stuff lah

google sense of humor

hey! try this. although this thing is months older. but, peduli apa:

  • go to
  • type “weapons of mass destruction” in the search box.
  • click “I’m Feeling Lucky”
  • you’ll see something fun. quick try it out before somebody at google fix it.
  • see the screenshot of the result here.



    i got nothing to post today. no idea. blank. this is because of not enough sleeping for 3 days set up a freebsd machine for the first time (damn yousee amd-k6!). i’ll tell this later. for now, i gave you what i found on the net. porn was fun, entertaining and educating but there are many things out there in the net besides porn. no shit…

    see the pictures by clicking…

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    photo gallery updated

    i have many interesting pictures that i like to share with my visitors, but the problem is i don’t have a sufficient space at my webhosting. probably i’ll buy a new one next month. or if anyone would like to buy one for me. anyway, here are some pictures i took on election day. all photos taken with panasonic mv-gs1 dv video camera.

    see more election photos here.

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    my barcode

    My Barcode barcode on the left reads / worth: a 21 year old male, that lives in Malaysia, is 89 inches heigh and weighs 143.29 pounds is: $2.80. full of crap eh? get your barcode here.




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    gambar friendster member

    untuk merumuskan semuanya, aku layan friendster gak selain daripada myspace. aku layan friendster dulu. masa first2 dulu, ada ramai member-member yang hantar e-mel kat aku, invite join friendster tapi aku duk delete je e-mel tu. last-last bila frienster tu dah hype, aku pun join le. pastu aku join plak myspace. cerita pasal friendster, ada satu member aku ambik gambar style macam ni. tak tau le aku rasa kelakar ke apa ke, tapi disebabkan aku tengah boring dan aku baru je bangun dari tidur petang aku, aku pun ambik gambar ni. saja suka suka…ahe he he. sapa yang ada add aku kat friendster, cari le kalau jumpa member aku yg pose gaya cam gambar ni. dan kepada yang pose gambar camni jangan mara aa… gurau je…hehehehehehhe…

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