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voip anyone?

calling your relatives or friends at oversea is fun. plus, you can catch up with your family/friends. but, paying the costs for the call…sucks. unless you have the maxis roam *120* like paula malai ali in the commercials, you are likely to pay a load of money to the telco company. but i think, the rate of overseas call between any telco company are almost the same. so, the *120* is just another crap. so, what we can do is, limiting our time on overseas call. but no worries. the technology is far more advanced now. with the internet and all, comes a new invention called voice over ip (voip). this stuff is cool. you get to pay a minimum costs or just your internet connection fees if you talk to your family/friends from anywhere in this world. the sound quality is better than telephone. i would like to recommend this great voip software called Skype. it is brought by the people who gives you kazaa and this software dosen’t have any spyware or adware. i’ve been using this software for about 5-6 month or so and it was great. i can call my overseas friends or talk to my family anytime and anywhere. to use this software, both side must have this software installed in their computer and they must have an internet connection, a mic, sound card and a speaker. oh, you also must have windows 2000 and above or windows xp to use this software. see more info about this software here, download this software here or see the screen shot here. have fun.

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pop up yang biadap

i was bored using this slow ass notebook. it takes a long time to load a program like ie. not to mention adobe photoshop. this problem happens due to burned ram. i discover it when i send this notebook to a shop. the shop owner told me my notebook hanged because of software or ram and he adviced me to remove the ram. when i removed it, no more hangs but my ram became 128. point being, because of this slowness, i used my desktop computer which is…far far far more better. that’s when i discover there are many junk program in my desktop. i suspect this happens when my mom or my sisters using the computer.

they probably accidently click on the popup ads or just want to click the popup because it looked fun. i was filled with rage :evil: when i saw all these fucking program fucking up my computer. these program is also hard to remove. they hide on many folders in case the user deletes them. i felt like formatting the desktop and give it a fresh look but i already installed many programs in the pc and it will take me one day and a half to bring it back to normal if i format it. so, i choose to remove it manually by deleting all of it from the folder to the registry. after done with it, i searched for a pop up killer at i found this fantastic and efficient popup killer. it was called “Another IE Pop Up Killer“. in the free version, there are some menu you can configure like do we want this program to start every time we on the computer, notify us when there is a popup, etc. of course if we buy the full version, there is a buckload of settings we can configure. plus, we don’t even have to install the program since there are just one main program to start it. i recommend you all to use this program :upss:. more information about this program can be found at, take a look at the screen shot here or download the program here.