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Month: April 2004

petronas skybridge

i just woke up from my lucid dream when my phone rang. the phone kinda saves my day because i have a lecture in 30 minutes. it was boss. he asked me if i wanted to go to the petronas skybridge. hell yeah i want to go. thanks a bunch dude. since the bridge opened to visitor, i dreamt of going there. but because the lack of time, i had to postphone it. since this is the first time, jakun habis lah. habis sound satu family. we arrived there at about 3:40pm. and i though we were late (the ticket is on 4pm and we were suppose to be there 30 minutes early). armed with my video camera, i was ready to take a bulk load of pictures of the bridge. luckily i brought my small battery for the video camera as i forgot to charge the main battery. damn. security in petronas tower was tight as usual. the first time i went to petronas towers when i followed my dad to his meetings there. after waiting about 20 minutes on the video room, we were taken up the bridge by a service elevator. upon arriving up there, man…the view are beautiful. but up there, theres nothing to do except watching the view. i heard one visitor say “just watch ah?”. ahehehe…after wandering about and taking photos for about 10 minutes, we went down to the skybridge interactive shop. not much there just a simulation of tesla coil. cool. anyway, a story best described if they have pictures.

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a super scam

lecturer: we will finish one chapter in one day and have a quiz in the next day, so our silibus will be finished before the finals.
me: one chapter one day and a quiz??? are you fucking kidding me?
lecturer: no, i am not fucking kidding you!

well, err, the conversation was not like that, but i think you got the idea. one chapter one day plus a quiz in the next day, wow, that’ll burst my brain out. although many thought it was a good idea because it will always keep us ready, i think, it kinda harsh on me. iyelah, being on a long holiday and pampered myself with sleeping alot and wake up when i damn well please, this kinda hard to follow. maybe i’ll manage to get into it but not immediately.

have i told you this? err, no i think i haven’t. well last week i got a letter from a company named el gordo sweepstake lottery company. located in madrid, spain. shit! from spain damnit. my name, my address were all spelt right. the contents of the letter is…are you ready? i have just won a half million us dollar. not rm, but US DOLLAR!!! the actual amount is US$ 615,810.00. when converted to rm, i now are a millionaire. i have my share of ‘skim cepat kaya’ letters or other scam send to me by e-mail, snailmail, telephone but this one is the uber scam. before this, all letters originated from malaysia, but this time from spain. well, if this letter was true, being a millionaire, i want to buy something ‘precious’. he he he….but if only…

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a server? why not?

er, for a time being, i have relocated my photo gallery to another hosting. it has an enormous space, so i only worry about the server going down. i can now look forward to put high resolution pictures on my album. the album can be reached here. i’ve been busy lately. with my college has opened and doing a favour for a friend. the favour was setup their server from scratch. my friend leased a server every month to startup their own irc network. the server runs on pentium 4 with 512mb ram and a freebsd operating system. so, for the last 5 days i’ve been handling and tweaking the server to their needs. the difficult part is to setup a webserver. installing a gcc compiler, shells and other thing was easy to do, but webserver dude, the apache, php, mysql…wow. lucky ustaz was around in yahoo messenger. so i can refer to him. finally i managed to install the webserver after some error. i’m proud of that. before this i asked ustaz to do it for me. the irc network can be reached at and the website can be reached at

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