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skin vista

watsup. promote sikit kejap. sapa sini yang guna windows xp, nak upgrade ke windows vista tapi malas sebab tak compatible, masih buggy atau pc tak larat? meh sini aku kasi solution. tapi separuh solution lah. korang tak dapat semua feature windows vista tapi hanya dapat skin, mouse cursor dan bunyi-bunyian. hahaha…lol.

nah, gi sini dan download sendiri:

enjoy. sekian, terima kasih.

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i just saw this (ya ya, i know…old news. who cares?). that stuff is amazing. i saw the technology on minority report and then out comes this. so cool. computing seems easier. i want it when it comes out. i want it now (well, if i were able to get it lah).

read more:

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intel mini

in my earlier post, i did mention about macmini with it’s sleek design and all. but at computex 2005, intel collaborate with aopen to bring us the intel mini or codenamed pandora. looks like a macmini though. probably they put intel centrino in it for the wireless capability. don’t know if it get overheated easily or it would be suck. maybe i should get those powerbook g4 next year when they switched to the cheaper (really?) intel processors.

via, wired news.


emule configuration

i’ve been using emule for a while now. most of my friends prefer bittorent but not me. maybe not now. or someday. emule is far more better than kazaa or kazaa lite. plus, i’ve been using emule because this comedy/drama series download website requires their user to use this software.

what’s so special about emule? well, most of their server is still online, the files i downloaded here are authentic (none of those bogus mp3 file crap) and fast. i was baffled last night when my internet connection suddenly die and then resume working. mirc started to give “ping timeout” messages. my wan ip is still the same, which means that i’m still connected to the network. at first, i thought theres something wrong with my cable. broken, loose or bitten by a rat.

then i remember the day when my friend want to use his spyware infested computer on my home network. the whole network shut down/halt because the spyware in my friend computer was jamming up the network sending enourmous data to the modem. so, in this case, i try to shut down emule. yes, my network working as usual. that is after i curse and swear at tm net a bit. what’s wrong? emule is jamming up the network by sending and receiving data too much (ha ha ha) and there’s something about nat configuration on my router.

a bit reading at emule website and tweaking my emule, my network is running fine now. so, if you use emule, have a router / complicated network configuration and have this kind of problem, check out this page. good luck.

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i’m thinking of getting this. slim devices’s sqeezebox2. a digital music player with wireless 802.11g capability. that means i can stream music from my pc right to my stereo in the living room. it has 24-bit burr brown dac, ethernet cable, can act as a wireless bridge and more features. wow, that is cool. it’ll costs me about rm 947 though.

read more at []

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online radio

you all listen to online radio? well, if you happen to listen to station in the amp radio networks (era,, xfresh, mix, etc.), you must know the dvr player, registration services and the quota feature. sucks when the bandwidth full huh? okay, here’s some links where you can listen directly to the dvr player regardless of the quota feature and you don’t need to log in to your dvr account. so, listen away…

» era

» hitz

» mix

» sinar

» thr

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ipod penis

“Also, that is indeed a penis in place of the battery icon. And yes, it goes flaccid as the battery depletes. Probably the best part about this whole modification is that when the iPod charges, there’s a rapid erection animation goïng on in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Unlike the other images, all of the penises are pixelmashes; all individually drawn by hand/mouse. I will go to great lengths to be juvenile.”

excerpt and info from ian gill.

whoaa…nice stuff. the icon is awesome. i wonder if they made hacks for creative nomad jukebox zen.

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ms spyware

everybody are talking about this. microsoft just release a beta version of microsoft windows anti spyware program. actually it is a software from some company name giant or something. i read the review of the software before in some it magazine. maybe microsoft buy that company. not to be left behind, i went to their website, download the program and test it. well, it’s quite okay as it remove most spyware but i still prefer the spybot search and destroy. i don’t like to format and reinstall software in pc everytime it is infected with spyware. so much hassle. i might forgot something to backup. but if it is a massive case of infection, it leave me no choice but to format it. oh by the way, information about the microsoft anti spyware beta can be found here.

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i’m thinking of getting an apple macintosh computer. just for the fun of it. windows has started to suck everyday but i have no choice but to use it. i even have started saving some money to get one of those imac g5 or the ibook. but when i saw the preview of macmini, hey i want one of those. plus it’s quite advanced, cheap and affordable compared to those pricey imac. also i want them ipodshuffle. a fuckin nice portable mp3 player/usb thumbdrive. eventhough i’m using the creative jukebox zen, i also want to look cool by using an apple product. ha ha ha. uhh, later okay…(counts money stashed somewhere in the room)

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nutshell.rants is now on wap!

hurrah hurrah!…finally this website can be viewed on wap/gprs enabled handphone. i don’t know much about wap language actually, but after taking this short wap tutorial and with some help from the founder of, i finally get to launch my website on wap. visitors get to read my blog, see some pictures, download wallpaper and polyphonic ringtones. other features such as guestbook, e-mail and other phone compability will be added soon. so, don’t wait and surf to on your handphone.

i’ve been blog hopping lately. looking for oklah website design with nice content and ideas. most of the funky urinal. ale, tempat kencing berdiri tu lahh... blog i went to have shout/guestbook system mostly from tagboard. and actually kesian la jugak when i see that most of the comment user gave them is filled with hatred, mencarut, kutuk and stuff. the best thing is, ignore and delete the entry. there are probably some mama’s boy/girl still living with their parents and have nothing to do. anyway, internet is known for medium to slandering other people anonymously. today is my first time casting a vote. penat la jugak. i had to line up at almost 2 hours. but 2 hours is okay comparing to 4 hours standing when i joined the police cadet at school. the results of the election has came in and all favour goes to bn. that’s great…i think. anyway, i’m thinking of installing an urinal on my toilet. i am the only son in my family so, sometimes it’s hard after peeing, i had to put down the toilet lid. sometimes i forget. maybe having an urinal solves this problem…maybe…i think. i want to get one like this. quite cute.

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i hate spyware

on my last post, i’ve been rambling about junk program or better be called spyware and adware infecting my desktop computer. i’ve done deleting the program. i think i got them all but actually they are still in my computer. hiding and lurking beneath the system folder. i realize this when there are something wrong with my internet explorer. some page takes long time to load. fed up with this mess, i tried searching for a powerful adware / spyware remover. i came across these fuckin’ a great program.

  • HijackThis
  • SpyBot – S & D
  • Maxion SpyKiller
  • Privacy Eraser
  • Registry Mechanic
  • they can be found at (for HijackThis), (for SpyBot-S&D) and these program works by scanning all possible location in our computer searching for threat based on their spyware / adware database. location such as the hard drive (duhh…:roll:), registry and memory. i personally like to use HijackThis, Registry Mechanic & SpyBot-S&D. HijackThis scans your internet explorer, internet connection and startup config for spyware / adware. when i use this program, i saw the spyware / adware are still on my computer, not been removed succesfully on my last attempt. they even control my internet connection, network settings and internet explorer. shit. Registry Mechanic simply repair your registry and remove all unnecessary entry to make your system more stable and load fast. as for SpyBot-S&D, it scans the hard drive, regisry and memory for any spyware / adware and fix or delete them for good of mankind. i seriously recommend this programs if you don’t like spyware/adware or being watched / controlled by a hidden software that collects information about you. fight against spyware / adware for our privacy and safety. in the meantime, see this website:

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