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crap. well actually the whole world probably already see this coming.

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selamat petang. meh kita baca artikel kat kamus wikipedia.

aku dah baca, jadi aku nak gelak. ha ha ha ha ha.... :lol:
sape la yang bijak buat entry ni kat wikipedia. sungguh membazirkan hard disk.

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anybody here a fan of michelle branch? well, she's pregnant with her first child. she's already married huh?

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sunday morning

do you know how to park? see i park like an idiot.

do you know about the new pepsi ad? see the preview here.

sell what? uh oh!

bored? try this bumper copter game. i almost finish this game :roll:

for guys, or girls if you want to. pictures of girls kissing. a lot.

try an old skool computer game quiz.

nsfw. playboy cheerleader car wash.

want a notebook? try an imaginary notebook.

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wtf? a heart?

do you know david blaine? yes, the creepy street magician. besides doing magic, now he rips his heart out in front of people. wtf??? i want to puke. download the video here (2.78mb zipped file).

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star wars spoilers

waiting for the last installment of star wars "revenge of the sith"? can't wait? anticipated? constipated? (err...wait. that's wrong). well yeah, here's some spoilers. 80 pictures and scenes from the movie. check it out.

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superman is a dick. check it out.

cher calls jennifer lopez and britney spears a hoe.

the band blink 182 break up?.

britney spears, paris hilton and pamela anderson barred from the oscars?.

updates on the hacking of paris hilton mobile phone.

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slot machine

pamela anderson have her own slut slot machine? damn...

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camera phone sucks?

i woke up early today. that's a shocker. anywhoo, while reading and replying my e-mails this morning, i get this news. it seems that paris hilton phone and notebook has been hacked and the content of her stuff has been uploaded into the web. there are a load of photos :


her entire address book and daily notes as well. there are address and numbers for christina aguilera, lindsay lohan, ashlee simpson, vin diesel, usher and many more. the notes also a bit funny. check it out fast before it all goes offline. here's more news regarding this.

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oy, garbage new single is out. the title is why do you love me. i've listened the song and it was okay. their new album, bleed like me will be in stores april 11, 2005. i'm sure you geniuses out there already downloaded the song.

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super sweet 16

natalie from my super sweet 16

did any of you happen to catch the show "my super sweet 16" on mtv? one of my friends download the series and showed it to me. well, it was quite...ok. there's plenty of chicks there though, no doubt.

on other news, paris hilton loves to flash her parts? oh btw, the second picture is nsfw.

click for larger image click for larger image



ashlee busted

this is an old news. ashlee simpson (20) and ryan cabrera (22) was caught by ashlee's dad, joe simpson while they were 'fooling around' in her sister (jessica simpson) tour bus. more news here.

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