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Tutorial about some stuff

Microsoft fonts on debian/ubuntu/linux


every now and then, i like to use linux when i’m doing some work. i even do a dual boot ubuntu on my macbook pro. because, why not?

spend a couple of days customizing my ubuntu on mbp. now, whats missing is some microsoft fonts, primarily calibri, verdana and tahoma.

verdana, trebuchet installation is quite simple. download/install ttf-mscorefonts-installer from package manager or download the .deb from here and dpkg -i that shit.

calibri and tahoma, well…you need to do a bit of work. make sure the package cabextract is already installed.

for tahoma, download IELPKTH.CAB here and move that file to /root

open up terminal and su root

mkdir /usr/share/fonts/winfont
cabextract -F '*.ttf' -d /usr/share/fonts/winfont IELPKTH.CAB

for calibri and other related fonts, download PowerPointViewer.exe here and move that file to /root

open up terminal and su root

cabextract -F PowerPointViewer.exe
cabextract -F '*.TT?' -d /usr/share/fonts/winfont
fc-cache -fv

enjoy your microsoft fonts.

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Report spam sms/whatsapp to MCMC

i read somewhere that you can report any spam sms, whatsapp, wechat or whatever to SKMM/MCMC. just screenshot the spam and phone number and whatsapp the pictures to SKMM/MCMC phone number.

i don’t know if they really do their job but hey it’s worth trying lor.

got flooded with spam? report them to SKMM/MCMC at +6016-220 6262


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Streamyx IPv6 and TP-Link TD-W8901N


router and modem for streamyx at one of my site is down because of lightning strike. bloody take out my graphic card too (i dunno lol why). my setup is protected by cal-lab sf9512-dsl lightning arrestor but the rj11 port is busted because of lightning strike before and i forgot to claim the lifetime warranty from cal-lab bandar utama (just pay RM25 + GST) to get a new one. cool, right? so, i just bypass for a while and end up with a fried electronics.

i look around at online mall and found a second hand modem/router AIO. dude offer me RM30, so i just take it. it’s tp-link td-w8901n (with ipv6 support). pics as below

then, i went to cal-lab bandar utama and change my sf9512-dsl to a refurbished unit.

setting up streamyx connection is not that hard. provided we have all the information beforehand. since i already forgot most of the settings and i heard streamyx now support ipv6, i tried google around for some tutorial. very few info and none of them have settings for ipv6.

so, if any of you use tp-link with streamyx, click continue reading for some info on how to set up your streamyx.

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captcha and spam

huh, spam (not the meat). who loves them? i know i wont. but it has and always will be part of our lives. there is a prevention but most of them is not good enough. anywhoo, the possible spam entry from here is through the entry comment page and contact form. it really sucks having to delete thousands of rubbish comments, etc. i didn’t enable trackback function. i mean, do i need it?

for the entry comment, i didn’t really worried since i already installed akismet spam filter. it’s doing the job very well and already catch about 3 thousand something comment spam. as for the contact form, i encountered some problem lately. yeah, you guess it right. spam. before this, i didn’t have any problem with the contact form. i’m using the javascript encoding something at the form. that did’t help.

off i go, searching the net for something new and improved. i stumbled upon this tutorial on how to create captcha phrases using php & gd. i’m hooked instantly. after studying it, i implement the function on my contact form. now well see if there’s any spam that can get though.

oh btw:
» try the captcha function here.
» the source code for the captcha function.
» the php coding for the example form.


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genuine windows

lol. anyone getting this thing? you’re using pirated windows xp and enabled the auto update. well, that’s your fault. go get an original copy. anywhoo, a friend of mine got this problem and his windows xp started to pop up annoying banner and notification saying to get an original copy, counterfeit software, etc. etc. so, i help him by ‘patching’ his genuine control dll files.

there are many types of way to settle this problem but my favourite is replace the dll. modifying windows is fun. so far, i see no problem with his computer. so, if you’re using pirated software and loving it, try this dll patch, and get it here.

oh, i forget to say this. a deny statement. i don’t encourage user to use pirated software. you are responsible for what you do. hehe…

more info : digital inspiration

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windows update

update your windows lately? i’ve forgotton to do mine because i turned off the windows xp auto update feature as part of my scheme to speed up my notebook (probably i’ll tell this later). when i went to windows update website, they asked me to install some activex program that check if my copy of windows is pirate or not. well…that um…suck. i’m not in the mood to reinstall windows with the original copy. the one that i have is the earliest version of windows xp. i have to update with the sp1, sp2, etc. that’ll take 2 days to download and update. so, pirate version is the answer. they already have the sp2 bundled in. no hassle. he he he…

oh, back to the story. where is it…oh, they suck. so, i browse around and found this. when you go to the windows update website, you’ll see the ‘express’ or ‘custom’ button. before pushing any of those, copy this text, paste to the address bar and hit enter.


it’ll turned off the key check. happy updating!

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cleaning spyware

ยป 1:23/21.07.05
[Din] azfar.. my com kena spyware.. plz put some info to clean dis thing up.. thanx soo much!!

usually, when i got messages like this or something like this, i would like to say “go and use the google”. it’s easier, for me. no searching or doing research. but, since i am light hearted today, i’ll write something about removing spyware. first of all, how in the earth your computer got infected with spyware? no antivirus? browse porn site too much? well, if your computer have no antivitus, go and get one. norton antivirus (don’t use 2005, it consumes too many computer resources) and pc-cillin is a good choice. they have this malicious script protector. if you’re thinking more of a free software or an open software, theres panda antivirus, avg antivirus and clamwin antivirus. done with the antiviruses, if you’re watching too much porn, when you click on the link, be careful. some of the link may prompt you to install some activex application. don’t do that. don’t ever trust a porn website. they’re telling you they got this nice picture but actually, they sucks. you should find an underground porn site. they have way nice picture than the mainstream. if you can’t avoid porn whatsoever, i recommend you to use mozilla firefox when you want to surf porn. ha ha ha…

okay, now to the removing part. i advice you to get this three software. microsoft antispyware, spybot s&d and hijackthis. if you’re using microsoft antispyware, you just install it and scan your computer using the software. it’ll clean you pc automaticly and start everytime you use your computer to protect you in the future. if you’re using spybot s&d, after installing it, click program updates at the software. then, scan your pc using the software. for hijackthis, it is a standalone program. run it and choose scan. e-mail me (saiful[at] the results (you can make a log file) and i’ll assist you on what to remove and how to remove.

how’s that? is it good? i hope so lah. but, if that’s not enough, there will always this method of cleaning virus and spyware from your computer. have fun and good luck.


disable splash on outlook express

i like outlook express. it’s easy and light. i’ve been using this about two years now. yeah maybe someday i’ll switch to thunderbird but unlikely, no. i use outlook express for sending and receiving e-mails and have all of my e-mails stored in my notebook. it’ll be a bitch if i lost the files. apart from its greatness, there’s something that annoy me in outlook express. the splash screen. i don’t like it. they suck. so, how to remove them?

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emule configuration

i’ve been using emule for a while now. most of my friends prefer bittorent but not me. maybe not now. or someday. emule is far more better than kazaa or kazaa lite. plus, i’ve been using emule because this comedy/drama series download website requires their user to use this software.

what’s so special about emule? well, most of their server is still online, the files i downloaded here are authentic (none of those bogus mp3 file crap) and fast. i was baffled last night when my internet connection suddenly die and then resume working. mirc started to give “ping timeout” messages. my wan ip is still the same, which means that i’m still connected to the network. at first, i thought theres something wrong with my cable. broken, loose or bitten by a rat.

then i remember the day when my friend want to use his spyware infested computer on my home network. the whole network shut down/halt because the spyware in my friend computer was jamming up the network sending enourmous data to the modem. so, in this case, i try to shut down emule. yes, my network working as usual. that is after i curse and swear at tm net a bit. what’s wrong? emule is jamming up the network by sending and receiving data too much (ha ha ha) and there’s something about nat configuration on my router.

a bit reading at emule website and tweaking my emule, my network is running fine now. so, if you use emule, have a router / complicated network configuration and have this kind of problem, check out this page. good luck.

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referrer spam

hi. i’m in the mood of writing a tutorial. this time it is about referrer spam. i use awstats to manage my website statistic, bandwidth, ip log and of course the referrer. referer helps me see anybody who’s linking me in their website so maybe and probably i’ll link them back. all was okay but now suddenly i got spammed in my referrer list. wtf? those spammer motherfuckers.

most of them are about those “casino” stuff and yes, “jeslina hashim”. at first, they are small in quantity and harmless. but then, they suddenly grow and started to annoy me. i tried this code and put them in my .htaccess, hoping that they all go away.

deny from 127.0.
deny from 69.160.
deny from 69.175.
deny from 68.224.
deny from 68.227.
deny from
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nav 2005 problems

crap. that’s why people said that pirate software suck. well, not all of them. most of it serve well to people with constrain budget. the software makers should put a ‘reasonable’ price for their software so that nobody will counterfeit their software. like rm10 per software? bla…bla…ok, stop bitching. focus on the problem in hand.

i had some registration issue with my norton antivirus 2005 (ok la, i will get an original copy in the future). after looking at the symantec support service (their server was down last night. probably high load of bandwidth), they wrote that norton antivirus 2005 have a registration bug. what the bug will do is disabling the antivirus because of expired trial use and require the user to register and unlock the software once again even if you have registered and unlock it after the first time you install the software. so, if you had a similar problem whether yours is an original copy or pirate, here’s what you should do.

1. download this patch. (taken from symantec website. don’t worry, no virus laa…)

2. install the patch

3. reboot your pc

4. enter your norton antivirus 2005 registration key again

5. reboot your pc

6. done. that should be it. if the program asks for the registration key once again, enter it and reboot. it may takes one or two tries. if a problem still occurs, uninstall the program and get yourself those avg antivirus. they’re really great and free of course.

have fun!

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free 2gb e-mail account from microsoft

i already saw the trick for upgrading hotmail account into 25mb, but how about 2gb account from hotmail?

but the thing is, you have to register a new account with ‘’ e-mail address using msn explorer (included in windows xp). remember to use ‘united states’ as a country with the appropriate state and zip code. i don’t know if this is a fluke, an error made by microsoft staff or the reality using an e-mail address. i already test it for several days and it still says 2000mb space. you have to check your e-mail using only msn explorer though.

oh, don’t blame me if yours are not working. have fun!