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Category: Programming

Some programming stuff

php shoutbox

have you seen my shoutbox? no? there, it’s the thingy with text on the right of my website (duhh…). anyway, it looks nice isn’it? you want that php script? i wrote it with some help from my friends during my first encounter with php two years ago. the script has been upgraded to a better one since. this php shoutbox use flat file as a database. so, it’s easy to use, fully customizable and good to go anywhere you like provided your server supports php. it has been tested on windows 2003, windows xp and of course, linux and all it’s variants. this version have a ip logging and empty form detector…

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data struct program

this is an old stuff. anywhoo, i got this question for my final project:

Menggunakan konsep baris gilir, bina program untuk operasi insert, delete, search nod dalam baris gilir tersebut. Gunakan kaedah pointer.

This program was written using a C language. So, with the help of my friend, here is the answer…

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a vulnerability in database

last night while lying on my bed staring at the ceiling and killing some lizard, a friend buzz me on ym. he told me to go to a link he gave. when i clicked, it shows me a detailed information about database. it even shows the username, password and database name. the php script used to get the information was very simple. just by implementing the script into the website, we can get many information like customer name, address and even credit card numbers. how a big company like air asia don’t fully secure their server. this could endanger their database and of course, the customer information. probably their it department should read more about security. shit dude, i was thinking, there was nothing secure in this world. there are probably some pervert looking at me taking a dump every morning using a satellite. who knows?

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my c programming final project

for my final, i had to write a program in c in groups. one of the girls choose me to be in her group. i thought she can help me with this but she seems busy with her family, etc. (yes, my classmate is married). so, i had to do all of it on my own. she just do the presentation. how fun…i have a copy of the program here. feel free to look at it…get the whole code here.

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