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Month: April 2005


yaay! i just finished my last minute assignment. a straight 5 hour marathon (12am – 5am). now i had to find something to keep me up until 12pm.

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despite the unfinished business, i was thinking of the fun part first. so, shimi and i went to the opening of the movie xxx : the next level (no, not a porno movie). well huh, ice cube was okay doing an action movie. too bad it is all action, blood, gore and blowing shit up. none of the nudity, sex scene or something like that. nevermind though. i didn’t watch the first xxx (again, not a porno movie). maybe i’ll watch it on those pirate dvd. after that, we went to have dinner at di tebing (near dataran merdeka). nasi goreng usa there was quite ok. okay, now i got to get some work done. later. oh wait, the links…

» stupid model (nsfw)

» this is soo stupid.

» bling your vehicle with p. diddy rim.

» wtf?

» teen bored by online porn. he he he…


one gigabyte

hi all. this might be lame and all but this website just reach one gigabyte bandwidth mark. wow. anyway, surprisingly, 45% of my visitors come from australia and 30% go to my wap site to download stuff. gladly i didn’t put the mp3 at my primary server or damn, it would fucked up my bandwidth every month.

click for high res

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i’m thinking of getting this. slim devices’s sqeezebox2. a digital music player with wireless 802.11g capability. that means i can stream music from my pc right to my stereo in the living room. it has 24-bit burr brown dac, ethernet cable, can act as a wireless bridge and more features. wow, that is cool. it’ll costs me about rm 947 though.

read more at []

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somebody is in that perdana limo. yep, it is great to have a car with jata negara as the license plate. this post actually due last night. but since i was not up to it (fucking tired), i write it today. i went to melaka yesterday to pick up my sister stuff at mmu. i was travelling alone. so, apart from it is no hassle and no fuss, it is soo fucking boring. no one to talk to besides myself. i’ve done listening to all of the cds in the glove box and i also grown tired of singing along to those song. when i’m alone, i like to do something to occupy myself. keep myself busy. but when i’m driving, there’s pretty much nothing i can do. just keep my eyes on the road, listened to the music, singing along and oh sometimes i smoke. so when i already do all of the stuff, i started to close my eyes. nearly had an accident 4 times. and it’s only on 120km/h. the rest centre actually a great place. spent about 30 mintes sleeping at perhentian jambatan ayer keroh, or something i don’t remember.

at mmu, after loading the car with my sister stuff (her things takes 3/4 of the car), took my sister to eat then i head back home, alone. she’s staying because there are still exams left. to find fun, i took the seremban exit and visited an old friend. but not before sightseeing the town of seremban and bring up the old memories (i used to go to school at seremban). i slept about 2 hours at my friends house. feeling refresh, i head home, finally. arrived at home, i just went blank and sleep until 2pm. which accidently i, again skip my class. nevermind lah, damn the reputations. i can just make doe eyes, sad face and apologize later.

» pac man history.

» guess the google.

» get yourself a girlfriend. imaginary?

» leet speak generator.

» doggles?

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this is a followup entry. ya ya, i skip my morning class. but i attend my class in the evening. the fun part is, i get annoyed on the way to class. see, this is the scenario. this is the first part. to go to my class, i have to take a lift. the hallway to the lift is blocked by the most fucking annoying people. i mean, nak borak pun, choose other place la dungu and guess what? i ride the lift with the same most fucking annoying people and they managed to waste my time by holding the lift for somefuckingbody who don’t have the intentions of using the lift. when will these bastards grow up. the second part is, on my way to get my sister car fixed/serviced, some asshole scratch the car. i was driving then suddenly this motherfucker came out of nowhere and cut me off. with his dumbass skills, he scratch the car. i have the red paint all over the car. i was fuming mad and honked at him non stop, waiting for him to halt. no surprise there, he fled. i got the car registration number though. wmt 8841. i managed to catch up with the fucker. found his car parked somewhere at pandan indah. he got the best tongue lashing from me ever and asked for money. man, if i didn’t think about the rules, i really want to smash his car with my baseball bat. my car’s okay now, no scratch marks. anyway, if you do found him somewhere, just for fun, give him the one finger salute, hit him or kill him i don’t care. okay, cool off mr. azfar.

i just read the 3g thingy maxis been blabering about. it costs thousands just for the pcmcia card. ouch!. but one thing i didn’t notice that maxis offered one day utopia wireless hotspot account by just sending a sms. it costs you about rm5. that’s good to hear. if i can’t get a tm net hotspot service, i can always use maxis. cool. ok, here’s some links…

» disk drive for gameboy (translate this page with babelfish, google or whatever).

» coin ring.

» buy mg rover.

» pizza cutter.

» ugliest car of 2005.

» wow.

» satellite is fun.

» this is…stupid.

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miss, missed

arghh…i missed my morning class today. why? overslept of course. not funny at all because i should be doing a chapter 5 quiz right now. to relieve this foul mood, i want to post this…

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my episodes

hey, look at the picture. i found a ‘wireless’ petrol hose. cool. phew, technology nowdays ;)). weekends are weird. they have a power to change someone. well, yours truly here changed during the weekends. i started having episodes, annoying other people, being a jackass and many more. well, i don’t know why. it’s unexplainable. maybe weekends is the standard jackass day for me. or maybe it was the drugs fault. who knows. i am truly sorry though for miki who had to experience my medium level of jackassness and self centeredness. i promise after this i won’t bother you again dear, no worries. i am okay now by the way, thanks to some ‘medication’ (ahh…flying…:twisted:). to fill up time, i went to projet wangsa maju with friends to try out the tm net hotspot there. well, my friend wanted to test the hotspot actually. generally, it was ok but the signal sometimes disappear. i hate hanging out there actually because it is the meeting place for the fucking scooter gangs which i like to shoot/bomb someday and those cocky f1 driver wannabe who like to show off their cars there. not to mention some of those skanky biatch who dress up like a prostitute with so-so boobs in tight shirt, just begging to come the fuck out. but, nevermind lah since i was doing a favour for a friend for being there. anyway…

» the ghetto antenna.

» darth vader’s blog. ha ha ha.


» fire from a coke can and a chocolate. huh?

» this is disturbing. but… (via thesmokinggun)

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the name

this post may contain many tech jargon. so ye be warned. erm…where was i…umm, i was unable to log in to my website last night. i thought maybe artx-tech doing some upgrading work. so, i don’t mind that. the next morning, i still wasn’t able to log in. what the fuck? i do some tests with uptime script check and it told me my website was not down. not satisfied, i check again with websitepulse. the results say that my website connection is still ok. when a friend told me that he was able to log in to my website, then i suspect that something wrong with my dns or nameserver. upon checking, it was the dns fault. tm net’s secondary dns server can’t resolve my domain ip address. maybe somebody there screwed up and resulted in loss of connection. so, i had to reconfigure my router setting using the tm net’s primary dns ip address which sucks by the way because of the high traffic and loss of performance. but never mind that because if it wasn’t for the dns, i wasn’t able to write this crappy post. before i resume my sleep, here’s something…

» they pimp everything nowdays. here’s how to pimp your cup.

» pimp my sunglasses.

» how to turn an acura into a ferrari.

» e-mail makes us dumb.

» xbox 360.

click for high res

» this photo has nothing to do with this entry. i just like the picture (ha ha ha). anyway, she is sophia bush. born on the same day as me. me!. those one tree hill fan may recognize this picture. read her imdb profile.

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i stayed at hotel today. not coming home. why? just for fun, hanging with friends. anywhoo, i got a mid term yesterday. how should i describe the paper…hmm, i don’t know lah. i can answer all of the question given by the way. okay, no idea. on with the links…

» lemon?

» blink!

» bill gates loves the pie.

» psp tetris.

» delicious and nutritious drink.

» fart in a jar. wait, did i say italian fart? oh those people…

» find people copying your website.

» computer processing systems of womens logic.

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