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"You have a life. AutoBlogger helps you live it."

ok ok. i'll get a life. i'll buy this.

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star wars

yes finally, the ending. you don't know the length i would take just for this ticket. kudos and credit goes to shimi for slaving himself in helping me. yep, i'm fucking selfish. anywhoo, the movie is allright. no, wait, the movie is kinda awesome. better reserved your ticket now as i'm sure the show will be sold out everyday. and oh, please remember that school holiday are coming. expect those annoying kids pestering the movie theater and shopping mall every fucking day. i'm not a star wars freaks like some of my friends (who buys books, dvd, action figures, etc.) but the anticipation that runs high makes me have to watch this movie on the opening day or i'll kill someone or something...whatever. in this movie, i like that part where chancellor palpatine draws his light saber when mace windu want to arrest him. eventhough you are not a star wars fan, i suggest you see the movie, just for the kicks, make george lucas wallet fatter or whatever. pick your choice, i don't care. you can always watch senario xx later on vcd, original or the pirate ones.

» video away messages.

» fear factor flash game.

» cat proof your computer.

» a pepsi commercial.

» pose with your toaster.

» seriously, what the fuck is this?

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yumm...somebody buy me a pizza today. i am a freebies whore. i love freebies (well, who dosen't?). anyway, thank you miki for the treat. i'll wait for the sushi. ha ha ha...

» gwen stefani digital camera.

» 50 fun things to do with your ipod.

» a very tall building. see the pictures.

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nothing nothing to post today.

» bad techniques.

» secret wall tattoos.

» rejected love is comics.

» playstation 3.

» how to fake fingerprints.

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i just woke up. feeling woozy from last night. i'm suppose to do something but i can't remember what. nevermind lah. last night i watch this movie with a fellow blogger, miki. we hang out at klcc. actually, i don't want to go to klcc. it is bloody boring. but since it is the nearest shopping complex to my home, bantai aje la. my internet connection is a bit fucked up just now. after rebooting my router, it kinda goes back to normal. well huh, stupid tm net. ok, i want to sleep some more. later.

» ultraman melayu. wtf??!! (view with quicktime/nokia media player)

» where's waldo. the text version.

» tetris furniture.

» yoda and pepsi.

» top ten things your girl shouldn't know.

» crazy or stupid?

» ipod vending machine.

» xbox 360 fact sheet.

» wtf is this?

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i am pissed, just right now. why? the backup server at jalan hang tuah decided to die today, just now. when i asked my tech-admin why, he said that tnb decided to do a "maintenance" today and blackouted the data centre (yeah, data centre with no backup power apparently). i have to wait until tomorrow for the place to be up and running. damn it. my images server is down again. some of my images has been relocated to other backup server and some not. i'm too tired to change the path on all of my blog entry. do expect an "x" sign when you read my entry archive. oh, i forgot. i got a date tomorrow. ha ha ha...

» oil computer.

» away messages.

» defiant digit.

» how to be famous in ten easy steps.

» hack iis 6.0 and win yourself an xbox.

» cherry for sale.

» geek fantasies.

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» eh?


» great way to kill some time.

» femdefence.

» waste of money?

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i just got back from the cinema. what movie? kingdom of heaven. it is a nice action movie, set on the medieval time. the blood, gore, flesh. ohh...the only thing they lack is nudity. ah, don't bother. the censorship board probably cut it first. i noticed that nearly half of the audience is female. uhh, and i also notice that they are 3 girls sitting beside me. probably most of them just want to see orlando bloom in action. duhh...

» wow.

» things that don't exist.

» demotivators.

» pick a lock with hard drive.

» absorbent tampons.

» ha ha ha...

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yeah, ok. i finally watched the movie sin city last night. sister bought it. the film was okay since i understand most of the story line. although...uh, never mind. it is kinda cool it was made with this film noir - comic book style mode. could our filmmakers do such things? i don't know yet but the doubt is high. very. am i gonna write a review for that film? nahh, i don't think so. there's so many fucking review in the internet it makes me sick. some of them just copied somebody review and put it in their website, which is so not cool. i opted not to be one of those suckers writing reviews for each damn movie they watch or writing something they probably don't understand better. just leave it to the entertainment experts. they studied them and it is their job. btw, i once wrote a review and i must admit. it sucks. okay, later.

» chronic candy.

» funny firefox commercial.

» barbie usb.

» ouch.

» xbox 360 details.

» wtf?

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hi. i'm busy. anyway, that is the tm net hotspot wireless
antenna (maybe).

» stop motion.


» buy this.

» museum of food anomalies.

» solar death ray.

» pornzilla.

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some dude who happens to have a professor title in front of his name (which i don't know is it real or not) decided to come into my class today and give some lecture. well huh, i don't know how to describe it as is it cool, awesome or just plain sucks. why no? because i wasn't in the class. ha ha ha. yeah i know, i skip the damn class. unfortunate. i was still tired from last night. somebody from my ym list asked me if i want to accompany two girls watching a movie last night. that would be great to have a chicks available, but i turn down that offer (i'll hit myself later). last night i prefer hanging out with my hommies, watching some movies. i already turned him once because of a girl. so, i figure i owe him something. aww crap, today is may 5th. i forgot to buy a card. later.

» the world's strongest clown.

» maxtor 80gb sata hard disk for sale.

» 15 pound burger.

» yoda blogs.

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siapa tahu yang kl ada buat bid untuk hos sukan asia? aahh...korang tak tahu apa pun. anyway, kl tak dapat bid tu. kalah dengan doha. tie pin kat atas tu special edition sikit. dia tak jual kat kedai mamak ke apa ke. kira dia sebagai unreleased stuff. bangga neh. ok, meh aku nak bising sikit pasal hari aku. ada kelas, tapi satu je. cuma lecturer aku buat kuiz sampai 2 ketul. takpe, kaki meniru ramai dalam kelas. boleh tumpang sekaki. habis dengan kelas, aku pegi tolong member buat assignment. well, kena la tolong. takkan le aku join group tak buat apa-apa. disebabkan kat area receptionist je yang ada tmnet hotspot, kiterang ramai-ramai lepak kat depan tu, main internet. ha ha ha...buat kecoh tu dah tentu. nasib ah. ok, nak tido.

» a clock, from different perspective.

» learn how to swear in chinese.

» stupid.

» xbox 360 teaser trailer.

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