i hate spyware

on my last post, i’ve been rambling about junk program or better be called spyware and adware infecting my desktop computer. i’ve done deleting the program. i think i got them all but actually they are still in my computer. hiding and lurking beneath the system folder. i realize this when there are something wrong with my internet explorer. some page takes long time to load. fed up with this mess, i tried searching for a powerful adware / spyware remover. i came across these fuckin’ a great program.

  • HijackThis
  • SpyBot – S & D
  • Maxion SpyKiller
  • Privacy Eraser
  • Registry Mechanic
  • they can be found at http://www.spywareinfo.com (for HijackThis), http://www.safer-networking.org (for SpyBot-S&D) and http://www.download.com. these program works by scanning all possible location in our computer searching for threat based on their spyware / adware database. location such as the hard drive (duhh…:roll:), registry and memory. i personally like to use HijackThis, Registry Mechanic & SpyBot-S&D. HijackThis scans your internet explorer, internet connection and startup config for spyware / adware. when i use this program, i saw the spyware / adware are still on my computer, not been removed succesfully on my last attempt. they even control my internet connection, network settings and internet explorer. shit. Registry Mechanic simply repair your registry and remove all unnecessary entry to make your system more stable and load fast. as for SpyBot-S&D, it scans the hard drive, regisry and memory for any spyware / adware and fix or delete them for good of mankind. i seriously recommend this programs if you don’t like spyware/adware or being watched / controlled by a hidden software that collects information about you. fight against spyware / adware for our privacy and safety. in the meantime, see this website: http://www.againsttcpa.com.

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