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what should i say?

i prefer not to say anything if someone comments on me, my life or my blog. just shut my mouth, and continue my life. but since i got a staight to the face comment and i felt a bit jolly today (that’s means a fucked up day), i would like to wrote some of it here. my site generated quite a visitor (takde la banyak sangat pun). some of them were from countries like italy, us, uk, sweden etc. some of them were a regular visitor. well THANKS everyone for supporting me, visit my website and don’t mind taking some of your time reading my crap stories.

the above picture is my site’s statistic. it’s kinda small, so look carefully (if you want to know whats in there). erm… back to the story, my friend has done a good job on promoting my site. linking me on his site, telling his messenger buddies and e-mail my site to a, get this, a lecturer. yes, a lecturer. on my class today, while partly listening to a lecturer, she told my friend that the website he e-mail her is crap because it is full of sucks and fucks or in other words, badwords, obscenities, kata-kata lucah and so on. well, what to do…

a personal website means that a website full of information on the owner. what he/she wrote/put in it is up to him/her. on many branches of personal website, i choose the blog type. why? because i like to write eventhough i’m suck at it. a blog in my own definition is a stories/experience/history of my life and what i found it it. they may be on a picture, links to other website or whatever possible. so, it could be anything. the visitor may saw that sometimes i swear in my blog. can’t help it. there’s probably many ways to describe something without swearing. but i choose not to. blog is how i express/describe my self, my feelings or even my cat. i’m sorry if on anyway i’ve offended any visitor with my swearing and they instantly felt a bit uncomfortable in my blog. it’s up to you if you want to come back here or not. erm…so that’s it, my reason for swearing in a blog…for now. to my regular visitor, thanks for supporting me and thanks for keep reading. to the new visitor, welcome to my site and for those who hate me and don’t like my style of writing, you can see a picture/icon of an old woman on the right side of my blog…

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