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movie marathon

currently i am alone in my house. mom went to kuantan, big sis went to cyberjaya. i’m thinking of throwing a party (an orgy party perhaps? kidding!) at my house but then, dad will kill me without hesitation. i try to cyber and chat using webcam with other lonely strangers at yahoo chat. entertaining at first but my hopes of finding a lonely and horny girls were not successful. bored chatting and watching dvds, i went to see the movie ‘i, robot’ with mel. the movie was entertaining. the action, explosive and stuff. i guess a.i. can be dangerous after all. after movie, we went to lepak at the fountain and mel started to pour out his emotion and stuff but no gay shit ah. his problems, etc. well, i just listen to him and boy, this dude has shitloads of problems. uhh well, so am i, got tons of problems. nevermind lah dude, settle your problem one by one. eventually someday it’ll all go away.

the next day, went to see the movie catwomen with shimi and my um friends. the movie started at 12:15am, but before that i had to send my sister to cyberjaya. i took the sri kembangan route and shit, it was jammed and packed. what the fuck, traffic jam at 11pm. luckily i managed to be at mid valley on time but had to wait for about 20 minutes more before entering the cinema because my jackass friends arrived late. ermm about that movie catwoman, from my opinion lah, not worth it. membazir aje duit aku rm10. less sex scene, less cleavage, no nudity, fucked up camera works, idiot storyline and ending that sucks. come on lah, even with sharon stone in this movie can’t help. i think, it’s not dvd worthy either. oklah, want to resume my sleep. till my next bitching, out!

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