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weird sms

hey ya’ll. i was just hangin out with my posse when suddenly i got this sms :

rin jangan buat abang macam ni abang minta maaf banyak2 ngan awak abg tk sanggup berpisah ngan awak rin tolong angkat pon abg merayu dengan awak tolonglah kalau awak syg kat abg tolong angkat pon abg syg kat awak please

wow, peculiar. this dude was messed up or fucked up to be precise. clearly he has sent the sms to the wrong number. if the sms is for me (hey, i’m straight ok? haha), my name dosen’t have ‘rin’ in it. maybe it is one of my friends, selecting the wrong number or some random person typing the wrong digits. i mean hey, this guy. really wanted her girlfriend back huh?

but do you think the sms is touching, quite sad, or pathetic? care to comment?


  1. nuai
    nuai 19.2.2005

    hahah.. gila power ayat.. ni kalau selamat send kat tuannya 4sure cair minah tu.. tp malangnye dapat kat mamat ni lak.. abes la… weh aspar, g la bgtau lelaki tu ko salah send.. kang menunggu lak die.. sian…

  2. ZEO
    ZEO 19.2.2005

    upss~! tat my sms how teh hell it get to u. hahaa jk jk. :lol:

  3. farking
    farking 19.2.2005

    oi..that my sms too…

  4. Miki
    Miki 19.2.2005

    :lol: very funny! :lol: *sealed lips*

  5. trex
    trex 21.2.2005

    sympathetic :cry:

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