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wtf? a heart?

do you know david blaine? yes, the creepy street magician. besides doing magic, now he rips his heart out in front of people. wtf??? i want to puke. download the video here (2.78mb zipped file).


  1. Mr Kiasu
    Mr Kiasu 26.2.2005

    I really wonder how he do all these tricks, but do you its true ah?

  2. azfar
    azfar 26.2.2005

    uhh, dono la what others think, but it does look real to me. scared the shit out of me too…

  3. Sashi
    Sashi 26.2.2005

    Hahahahah! That was hilarious! Carson Daly’s face was priceless…

    But so obviously a fake though. Body suit, fake heart, lots of blood-like goo, and a typical Blaine-poker-face performance.

    But cool concept, nevertheless. ;)

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