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not occupied

hi all. i’m not busy right now. that means i have extra time. anywhoo, i got up early this morning for my class. thinking i’m already late, i drove like a fucking maniac on the highway to ensure i arrived on time and yeah, safely (why on time? my lecturer a bit nuts, don’t ask). upon arrival, i was told that my class was cancelled…and i knew the news after i pay for the parking ticket. damn it. i could use the time to sleep the whole day and the money to buy food or whatever.

since i was there, i want to do something. i went to the indonesian embassy to accompany my friend renew his drivers licence. nice place but sadly i didn’t bring my camera. then i went to pasar seni to get my sabah vacation photos processed. i want to print the digital photos too but they charge 60sen a picture (whaaat?). maybe at other shop though. after finished with that, i registered for the tm net hotspot account. rm10 per month maybe a good deal since i already have the main account and get this, someone paying the bills for me (no, not a sugar mummy). if you see me somewhere in the public, playing with internet, come and say hi.

okay, i’m hungry. later ya’ll…

…oh and somebody please date this boy,

make me a coffee,

buy me these

or see our country rank.


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