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ยป 1:23/21.07.05
[Din] azfar.. my com kena spyware.. plz put some info to clean dis thing up.. thanx soo much!!

usually, when i got messages like this or something like this, i would like to say “go and use the google”. it’s easier, for me. no searching or doing research. but, since i am light hearted today, i’ll write something about removing spyware. first of all, how in the earth your computer got infected with spyware? no antivirus? browse porn site too much? well, if your computer have no antivitus, go and get one. norton antivirus (don’t use 2005, it consumes too many computer resources) and pc-cillin is a good choice. they have this malicious script protector. if you’re thinking more of a free software or an open software, theres panda antivirus, avg antivirus and clamwin antivirus. done with the antiviruses, if you’re watching too much porn, when you click on the link, be careful. some of the link may prompt you to install some activex application. don’t do that. don’t ever trust a porn website. they’re telling you they got this nice picture but actually, they sucks. you should find an underground porn site. they have way nice picture than the mainstream. if you can’t avoid porn whatsoever, i recommend you to use mozilla firefox when you want to surf porn. ha ha ha…

okay, now to the removing part. i advice you to get this three software. microsoft antispyware, spybot s&d and hijackthis. if you’re using microsoft antispyware, you just install it and scan your computer using the software. it’ll clean you pc automaticly and start everytime you use your computer to protect you in the future. if you’re using spybot s&d, after installing it, click program updates at the software. then, scan your pc using the software. for hijackthis, it is a standalone program. run it and choose scan. e-mail me (saiful[at] the results (you can make a log file) and i’ll assist you on what to remove and how to remove.

how’s that? is it good? i hope so lah. but, if that’s not enough, there will always this method of cleaning virus and spyware from your computer. have fun and good luck.

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  1. jgnla marah bang… abg baik kan.. ? :grin: dats very useful info.. thanx alot, ia berjaya membetulkan kembali sistem kekomputeran… tima kasih bebyk.. :!:

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