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fill it up

sepuluh sen? wtf is this? this is the third time now. the petrol rise 10 cents more yesterday. this sucks. now, rm10 of petrol didn’t bring much difference. i remember that went to shah alam and back to my house with just a rm10 worth of petrol. ah, heck. even rm20 meant nothing now. ahh…the old days. the one thing that i didn’t like about the petrol price hike is, the government is not very telus. they rise the petrol price and the only info that everybody got is just the news ticker on the bottom of the tv screen. why not alert people one day earlier or make a public service announcement or something. with the majority of malaysian people glued themselves in front of astro’s akademi fantasia, nobody will know the hike until they read the tomorrow news paper. i knew the info about 11:30pm. lucky me that petrol stations in brickfields is not too crowded. some friends tell me they had to line up to fill the petrol like buying the star wars movie ticket. probably one thing about the hike is, i’m sure malaysians didn’t give a damn about it. there’s still traffic jam when i went to putrajaya today though.

my main plan last night is to do ‘something-something’ fun but, i changed my mind and follow my friends to uptown. probably i haven’t been here long. the placed has transformed into a pasar malam. people everywhere (mostly malay, of course :wink:). the primary objective me being there is to eat and for side activity, looking at some chicks (not a chicken) trying to score one. ha ha ha…

when hanging out at alamanda (putrajaya) today, i feel a bit hungry. when i see the western food stall at the food court, i ordered the chicken chop. eww…it looks pale, taste like plastic and feel like plastic. menyesal aku order bende tu.

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