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l7 itunes

lately, i’m having problems with my phone. sometimes it just hanged in the middle of conversation or something. this really annoys me. doing an update with the motorola firmware server dosen’t work either. maybe it’s my sim card fault. uh…i don’t know. just when i was eyeing on ‘upgrading’ to motorola v3x, i found this website that teaches how to mod and update your motorola phones.

i’m instantly hooked. after updating my firmware, the phone works like a charm. then i wanted to do more. mod it and add some skins. but i think, i better not mod it too much. i already spent the whole morning reflashing the phone memory (due to some ‘errors’). for now, i’ve added the itunes for media player and bluetooth messenger. when i put 1gb memory card, the phone looks like an ipod nano but with telephone functions. that’s hot.

update: i feel like copy & paste the tutorial on modding the phone but apparently, i’m lazy. just checkout these links:
remember. mod your phone with care.


  1. neuro
    neuro 31.10.2006

    nice :!:
    btw, why don’t u include the links to that site (upgrading the L7 phone)?

  2. i2
    i2 31.10.2006

    :clap: Bravo……aku ada gak try mod e398 aku nak bagi bleh capture video plus record voice….tapi tak jadi…sibbaik ada backup….tunggu duit cukup beli phone lain baru berani nak mod to the max.

  3. Azlan
    Azlan 3.11.2006

    I’m planning on buying the L7 but I’m concerned about it’s battery life. From what I’ve heard, if you use it to play MP3s the batteries would only last at most 2 hours. Is this true?

  4. azfar
    azfar 3.11.2006

    i’ve been using it about 3 months now. so far, after modding it a bit, it’s quite ok. i do love my ‘candy bar’. of course, the L7 battery life when playing mp3’s is not super like those sony ericssons. i get about 3 to 4 hours playing 100+ songs. when the phone on idle, it can go roughly about five days without charging. but of course, you can always buy a new battery that have a higher mAh.

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