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writing freestyle

cakap bi sket. lama dah aku tak cakap bi. most of the time today i spend at the board room. hearing, speaking and scribble something. during puasa month, i prefer sit at my room and stare at the monitor without doing nothing or best yet, sleeping and covering it up so nobody would see. unlucky me, that wasn’t achieveable today since the ‘big dawg’ is in the house since last week.

the dude is okay actually. he helped me a lot during my time at sabah. generally to sum it up, he’s a cool guy and suitable to the title ‘the big dawg’. anyways, eventhough he the cool dude, he just pile up a new project for me. which, what can i say is, crap. i actually have two pending things and now i have to do another one with a short time span? damn. but then, who am i to complain. nobody can do nothing, that is.

my friends from the college days asked me to berbuka with them at ampang. i went there with teman. ah, remembering the good old days, looking back at the past. hanging out with old friends, laughing, discussion, gossip, kutuk and making jokes. great time but not so great food. who pick this place anyways? heh, better luck next place.

recently i get a comment regarding my very-very early post. the ones i’ve been doing in english. you know, the usual comment. misspelled words, grammar, etc. well, thank you there you f–ing grammar nazi. who the f– cares if i want to spell it wrong and leave it there? you f–.

okay, ciow. csi is on tv.

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