problems arise

i’ve been doing interval sleeping today. i don’t know why. but i can assure you it’s not my new hobby. probably because of the pills the doctor been giving me for my migraine. that’s why i’m up at 4 am and typing this crap. not because i want to but because i have to find something to do. anyways, i have some problems lately. mostly regarding work and health. frustrating and stressed out. but as long as i can hold it, then i’ll hold it. if not, i’ll tell somebody or myself to GTFO.

lately with the spare time i have and no activities, i tried to jump back into the chatting world. it’s been a while since i really chatted. 3 years maybe? but not the irc world but using msn messenger. i’m kinda addicted right now. well, whatever that suits me i guess. i get to know this person from the other side of town who’s currently been asking me advice on love life. shit man. well, i can only give several pointer as i’m not that skillful enough. i do have the experience though. maybe that’s enough la for that person.

when on msn, i try to stay as anonymous as i can. you know, for fun and privacy matters. thus, when the people that i chat with don’t know who i am vice versa, i like to spill out all my problems and secret with the other anonymous. currently i choose the anonymous that been asking me for love pointers. i do feel good telling my secrets, problem or whatever. we never know sometimes the advice given by another anonymous is actually good. i guess this one is better and cheaper then spending money on something useless and expensive when i’m not really in a good mood. that explains the sony ericsson k530i i’ve been using for the past 2 month.

okay, that’s all. ciow.

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