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do not drive


this is a bit of ranting. well, what good is a blog if it didn’t used for ranting right? ha ha. anyways, be reminded that i’m not a sexist. i’m just against stupid people. heheh…

anyways, i’m on my way from work. you know, tired and all. i was driving and suddenly this idiot woman drivers her car, exiting a lane on the right very fast and nearly hit my car. i stopped my car and obviously horn her since she is in my lane and apparently nearly hit my car. wtf. i see there is a small kid inside the car. after second horn, she didn’t move. i went out from my car and then she back out her crap car and leave. wtf. woman like this should not drive. she will endangered her children. kitchen. there she should be.

a mechanic friend of mine who was there told me where she lives. but then i said, it’s ok…just a reminder. crazy woman, stay in the kitchen. ok?

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