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It’s the weekend

usually on weekend i like to stay at my house. relax, watch tv and sleep all day. come to think of it, it’s all i do on the weekend. but hey, sometimes i tidy the house a bit, vacuum here and there ok. but this weekend i went back to my parents house. they need me to follow them to their farm to do some land evaluation. they want to make a chicken farm there.

the wife did asks me to go to her parents house because got her niece burthday. but with my reasons above, i managed to skip it. ha! lucky me lol. not that i don’t want to go, but…sometimes i don’t really feel like hanging out with her sister family. i dunno why.

anyways, on the way to and from the farm, we need to travel using the north south highway. the place quite far. well, one thing i notice is that, people do like to litter. use big car and all, then suddenly roll window down and throw rubbish. whats with the mentality man.

ok, got to go. mom making a char kuay teow for dinner.

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