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when travelling, i prefer to use the road. not because that i fear of other modes of transportaion, but with the road, it’s actually entertaining. we got to see the view, have pit stops to eat, etc. the only thing that suck is that it took a very long time to arrive at the destination. last week i get to fly with air asia from penang to kuala lumpur. it was a while since i fly. the last time i think was when i went to indonesia for a holiday. this ais asia was okay lah. seeing the view of malaysia from 16,000 feet was…wow, beautiful and erm…the cute stewardess. i brought my video camera but i didn’t do those pramugara terlampau lah ho ho ho. after touchdown at klia, i went straight to mru to help shimi do his work. after that i had to lepak at um because i forgot my house key and have to wait for my sister to come back from her workplace. sedih tak dapat masuk rumah. when i finally can enter the house, i was shocked that the car bumper was broken and the car boot was dented. apparently while i was away at penang, my sister drove the car and has gotten herself into an accident. with a lamp post or whatever. this sucks, really. i have go to was forced to clean this mess up all by myself, which of course, sucks.

i will be at seremban doing some work for malaysian royal sevens with malaysian rugby union. see the info at or come to seremban and see it for yourself. so, no updates here for about, erm…2 days?

note: i have been checking my web stats and found out that some of the people came here because they wanted to download the misha omar’s pulangkan mp3. so, not to dissapoint these people, i’ve uploaded the mp3 on my server and these people can download it. but, read the disclaimer, delete the mp3 after 30 days, buy the original album if you like that song and erm…i don’t support piracy. he he he…

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