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this is kinda old news. but nevermind that. i was doing my work when my buddies in AOL messaged me. he found out that someone has been stealing my stories. i was thinking, “wait a sec, what stories? which one? i thought mine are all lame and boring”. then he show me the link. proud at first because somebody had to steal my story to try to make out his life looked fun, but after looking around that web, i made a conclusion that this dude must have a real fucking boring life. no real stories to tell, no history, no talent, no idea, none whatsoever. i mean, come on lah. if you want to steal my graphics, pictures or some article in my blog, it’s ok la, edit and repost them at your website. everybody’s doing that now, the copy and paste but dont’t forget about the creative commons copyrights. but to steal my story, my memories, my experience? man, this is low. VERY LOW. the malaysia web scene is still small. eventually we will bounce into each other. compare my ‘About’ stoty (link above) with this dude website screenshot (geli nak letak link dia kat sini) :

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