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tsunami disaster

my friend in kl told me that his apartment was shaking. at first, i was thinking, is this true? or maybe they were doing some construction. or maybe my friend tried to be funny. then my parents called saying that our apartment in penang was also shaking. they were afraid. confused, i check the news and found out that there was a massive earthquake in sumatra which according to statistics, was a 9.0 magnitude. a disaster to end the year. my thought and prayers goes to those unfortunate people out there. for info on the 2004 indian ocean earthquake, see this wiki (info from jeff ooi).

i found out that the band linkin park has also set up a charity to help the tsunami victims. to help out, you all can do so through various ways. whether by giving clothes, donating money or by being a volunteer. others out there, check this out :

Red Cross

NST, BH, TV3, 8TV Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund

The Star Earthquake / Tsunami Relief Fund

Mack Zulkifli’s Brand New Malaysian Tsunami Relief Fund

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