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i went to the airport today. have to pick up the family. they arrived today from indonesia. yeah, my ‘single life’ of not having the family around the house is coming to an end. it is a fun week though. not having to wash the dishes, no house chores, woke up late, back home late in the morning, etc. but none of those orgy party or bringing girls home aaa…tak baik tau…he he he. i also celebrate raya haji by myself. the not fun part is i have to cook. tak larat makan kedai tiap-tiap hari. the family are back from a trip. a week ago, they went to indonesia to visit our cousins there. unfortunately, i can’t go (oh…so sad), because i have a class and a mid term. yeah well, maybe next time though. this time, mom arrange this family trip with my cousins here (in malaysia), to went there, shopping, sight seeing and attend my cousin wedding in indonesia. i asked dad to buy me shoes, big sis to buy me a shirt and mom to buy me a shirt. dad didn’t buy the shoes but he got me a custom made sunglasses. wow.

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