uh oh

crap, what happened to this website?

well, apparently my old layout is on strike. so i have to design a new one :lol:

is it nice? or look like shit? which one do you guys like? the old layout?

i remove some functions, graphics, some stuff and the shoutbox. or should i keep the shoutbox? if you have any opinion or ideas, drop them at this entry comments. feedback needed. thanks!

update : see my old layout here > [img01] [img02] [img03] [img04]

2 thoughts on “uh oh

  1. *sigh* :shock:thank goodness i’ve changed my current grey template… Why soo simple?? Want me to design a layout for you?? Haha Am not kidding la…:razz:

  2. Fuhh..new layout..mana shout box…taruk laa…gila dindong .cfm huhuhu..ok chow..

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