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Month: March 2005

peter pan

yo! hari ni gua nak layan jiwang.

Artis : Peter Pan
Lagu : Mungkin Nanti

Saatnya ku berkata
Mungkin yang terakhir kalinya
Sudahlah lepaskan semua
Ku yakin inilah waktunya

Mungkin saja kau bukan yang dulu lagi
Mungkin saja rasa itu telah pergi

Dan mungkin bila nanti
Kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan
Kau coba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang kutinggal mati
Seperti hari kemarin
Saat semua di sini

Dan bila hatimu termenung
Bangun dari mimpi-mimpimu
Membuka hatimu yang dulu
Cerita saat bersamaku

Ulang Korus

Tak usah kau tanyakan lagi
simpan saja untukmu sendiri
semua sayang kau cari
semua rasa yang kau beri

© peter pan

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ssup! i don’t feel good today. rasa macam nak demam. last night, i went to saujana impian with mel, on a scooter with the pouring rain. the rain g-force felt nice on my face. it is so cold i fear i might get a hypothermia. plus, in today’s class i had to deal with a load of annoying teens. nak sepak kang, anak orang. but hey, forget about it and see this.

» destroy your friends website.

» top 100 april fool’s day hoax.

» don’t pee standing up.

» damn.

» high car.

» how i gonna see this through radio? (nsfw you dirty pervert).

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cleaning keramat

yo. i saw something weird. mpaj been cleaning the area at my house. usually they just don’t give a damn about the cleanliness of the area of keramat. they set up some concert thingy too…

then i saw a banner. oh, dato’ seri khir toyo is coming to my area, after about five years (am i right?) he’s been elected as menteri besar of selangor. why suddenly came to this area? he’s as worst as the adun of my area, who’s never showed up since the election. what’s up with that? now they are doing sound check and sing karaoke like this place is theirs. memekak aje. anywhoo, typical mpaj. always waiting for somebody to come here before doing something. but hey, they always fast on collecting money, towing people cars and give summons. that’s a good thing…right? (duhh :roll:)

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not occupied

hi all. i’m not busy right now. that means i have extra time. anywhoo, i got up early this morning for my class. thinking i’m already late, i drove like a fucking maniac on the highway to ensure i arrived on time and yeah, safely (why on time? my lecturer a bit nuts, don’t ask). upon arrival, i was told that my class was cancelled…and i knew the news after i pay for the parking ticket. damn it. i could use the time to sleep the whole day and the money to buy food or whatever.

since i was there, i want to do something. i went to the indonesian embassy to accompany my friend renew his drivers licence. nice place but sadly i didn’t bring my camera. then i went to pasar seni to get my sabah vacation photos processed. i want to print the digital photos too but they charge 60sen a picture (whaaat?). maybe at other shop though. after finished with that, i registered for the tm net hotspot account. rm10 per month maybe a good deal since i already have the main account and get this, someone paying the bills for me (no, not a sugar mummy). if you see me somewhere in the public, playing with internet, come and say hi.

okay, i’m hungry. later ya’ll…

…oh and somebody please date this boy,

make me a coffee,

buy me these

or see our country rank.


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a 8.7 magnitude deep sea earthquake hit northern sumatra, indonesia at 11:09pm local time. analysis said that this earthquake can’t produce a tsunami.


» usgs website.

» news [via cnn]

» news [via reuters]

» news [via bernama]

» …and of course, the ever popular wikipedia.


pack square

neat sign huh? i went all the way to usa for…
ah, enough bull crap. make this sign here.

ipod, victrola style. it has 80 terabyte of space. nice design.

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i just got back from the pc fair. damn, there were too many people. so pack like a sardine can. i got myself a 256mb sd card for my digital camera. now i can shoot about 314 hi-res pictures. cool. ookay, now for some news people…news!

» how’s my new layout? ok? suck?

» no date for prom? buy this!

» anybody here a fan of back street boys? anywhoo, i’m not a fan but here’s what the album might look like :

» besides mac mini, i’m also saving for this :

everything you need to know about the psp.

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hot dog

this is an old news. heard that factory that make sausages with pig entrails? apparently the factory make sausages for various company. somebody even said they also made sausages for ikea. shit. i knew someone who loves eating hot dog at ikea before this thing happened. i was hoping that the news is not true. but if that is, what should we do? samak our stomach? or maybe take a class action suit, sue them or something…ho ho ho…


back in KL

seminggu? fuh, takde la lama sangat aku meninggalkan teknologi internet ni. aku pernah tinggalkan lagi lama. anywhoo, aku tak mati lagi. aku juga belum memikirkan untuk meninggalkan dunia blog dan website ini. kalau perasan, aku ada cerita yang aku pergi bercuti kat sabah 16hb hari tuh. seronok ke aku? sudah tentu. nanti aku tulis journal kat sini, apa yang aku buat seminggu kat sabah. aku letak gambar-gambar sekali.

aku dah check bahagian comment blog ni. banyak gile orang post comment. ye tq sebab datang sini dan meluahkan perasaan. tapi jangan marah sebab tak semua yang lulus. ada sesetengah tu menggunakan bahasa yang tak sesuai. cuba lagi lah ye. banyak comment kat mana? posting aku pasal kes zouk tu dengan nora danish. ntah apa-apa le korang ni semua. grow up ok. sudah-sudah le tu. boring aku membacenye. bijak-bijak le time nak bagi comment tu, jangan main taruh je. kang tak pepasal aku plak kene soal siasat dengan budak-budak bukit aman tu.

ok. aku penat. nak tido. sesiapa yang pesan something time aku kat sana, sudi-sudi le collect kat rumah aku ye. tak larat aku nak mengantor ke rumah korang yang berbatu jauhnya tu. calo…

update: btw, album gambar sabah aku dah diupload. boleh tengok kat sini.

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