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windows update

update your windows lately? i’ve forgotton to do mine because i turned off the windows xp auto update feature as part of my scheme to speed up my notebook (probably i’ll tell this later). when i went to windows update website, they asked me to install some activex program that check if my copy of windows is pirate or not. well…that um…suck. i’m not in the mood to reinstall windows with the original copy. the one that i have is the earliest version of windows xp. i have to update with the sp1, sp2, etc. that’ll take 2 days to download and update. so, pirate version is the answer. they already have the sp2 bundled in. no hassle. he he he…

oh, back to the story. where is it…oh, they suck. so, i browse around and found this. when you go to the windows update website, you’ll see the ‘express’ or ‘custom’ button. before pushing any of those, copy this text, paste to the address bar and hit enter.


it’ll turned off the key check. happy updating!

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