20 things

20 things to tell a geek in the bedroom

“Can I put some thermal grease on your CPU?�

“As long as I can put the heat sink on.�

“Ping me baby!�

“You can insert your floppy into my drive anytime.�

“Give me more of that bandwith!�

“Want to see my optical drives?�

“Take my Hard Drive for a spin.�

“You put LEDs in my fans!

“It’s time for a reboot, baby!�

“Can I add my OS to your partition?�

“I can gobble up anyone’s system resources!�

“Juice up my lithium battery.�

“I’ll make your PSU smoke!�

“Do you know where my hotspot is?

“No dial-up tonight! We’re moving on to broadband!�

“Can I see your boot disk?�

“My CPU is smokin’ hot!�

“Pop that RAM in my slot!�

“I can compile anything you throw at me!�

“You make my fans roar!�

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